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Ozark Season 4: Theories And Premiere Updates

The three seasons of ” Ozark ” have managed to recreate in an exquisite way the gloomy criminal family atmosphere that takes place in Missouri, when the first episodes take the Byrde family to the vicinity of the Lake of the Ozarks. Throughout its chapters, viewers were able to interconnect the stories of the three central families of the narrative, and each one has a preponderant female role. Ruth Langmore, Wendy Byrde and Darlene Snelle stand as a fundamental part of a sordid and complex story, and according to fans, they would have much more in common than we thought.

The Reedit platform was the scene of an intense debate among followers of the story created by Bill Dubuque , in which a crazy theory could change the perception of the female protagonists of fiction. With crossover details and ingenious discoveries, viewers were able to prove that the paths of Ruth, Wendy and Darlene could have a common destiny.

According to several users, the intention of the creators of ” Ozark ” when creating the aforementioned characters was to give them a symbolism of “trinity in one woman.” Each role represents a different stage of what the same woman could be in the middle of her criminal path in the forgotten summer city. Ruth’s survival, Wendy’s hunger for power, and Darlene’s need to stay in force would be nothing more than different stages of the same lifestyle.

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All three, with their particular socioeconomic factors, were pushed by external agents into the intricate world of drug trafficking and forced to try to take advantage of the context. Each character unravels, as if it were a single ordinary woman, the new circumstances that are presented in different versions and stages of life. If you look closely, the “female trinity” theory espoused by “Ozark” fans is totally feasible.

Season 4

After the shocking end of season 3, the followers of ” Ozark ” count the days for the long-awaited premiere of the continuity of the story. The truth is that the hostile context of the pandemic and the complexity that fiction entails in its post-production process, will make us expect more than necessary.

Between the second and third seasons, more than 19 months passed, so it would not be surprising if we could meet again with the fiction starring Jason Bateman only in 2022.


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