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Ragnarok Season 3? Netflix Cancelled The Show?


The end of Ragnarok Season 2 certainly hinted at a potential Season 3. But as Netflix unveiled any details regarding the new season?

The second season of Netflix’s Norse mythology series, Ragnarok, premiered on May 27, 2021, and the fans have been already looking for the announcements of Season 3. In the first season, the town of Edda confronts climate change due to factories of industries. The story unfolded as a teenager, Magne, discovered he has Thor’s powers and uses them to face the antagonists.

The second season unfolded a new perspective for the storyline, and we saw Magne facing colossal foes.

At the end of the second season, Magne rains lightning and thunder on Fjor and Ran’s car, but the two Jutuls survive. Furthermore, Laurits released his young snake Jormungandr in the Norwegian fjords. Don’t worry we aren’t dropping any spoilers. But will you have a third season?

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Is A Third Season Possible?

So far, the streaming giant has not made any announcement regarding the third season. The final episode of the second season certainly confirms that Magne’s fight against Jutul industries will be continuing in a new season. Therefore it seems possible that a third instalment will continue Magne’s battle, but for an official announcement, you have to wait for at least six weeks.

The streaming service on average takes six weeks to evaluate the performance and success of the show before officially renewing it for a new season, but only if the figures are positive and worth enough.

When Will The Third Season Release?

If the show is renewed for a third season, Ragnarok will most likely premiere its set of new episodes in 2022.

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