Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Since its premiere on the big screen in 2015, no one has wanted the entrance of the MCU than his own Ryan Reynolds. Not even the fans, who had a great time with the two films of the foul-mouthed antihero but were aware that all that level of violence and politically incorrect humor was possible not being under the control of Disney. All that is about to change as dead pool will make his grand debut in the MCU and for that Ryan Reynolds He has decided to start his set-up. As if it were a soccer player in preseason, the actor has been seen on social networks in full physical preparation. It was not Reynolds who posted the post, but his personal trainer Don Saladin, with whom he already worked for the preparation of the two previous Deadpool movies. With the message “🔴 ⚔️ and so it begins…” accompanied by the image of the actor, Saladino announced the long-awaited return to the gym. As fit as Reynolds may be, the body of a mutant is not achieved alone. This image is practically the first big news we have from the film, as Marvel is keeping it very secret. There was no mention of her in the past San Diego Comic-Con, in which phases 5 and part of 6 of the MCU were announced, without any trace of the antihero. Even so, it is likely that after this we will begin to know more about Deadpool, especially having the panel so close. D23 in which new information will be given regarding the future of the franchise. Meanwhile, he has been the boss of Marvel Kevin Feig the only one that has given any details of the film, and is that the executive warns of a possible change in the character with the new film: “How do we elevate it in the way that we’ve been able to with Civil War, Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok?”commented Feige, noting that third parties have always taken a different course in the MCU and adding: “It’s so much fun to be in Ryan Reynolds’ showbiz now.“Deadpool 3 will feature men who know Ryan Reynolds very well, as the director shawn levy (Free Guy), or Deadpool himself, as the writers Rhett Reese Y Paul Wernick.Do you want to receive the best movie and series recommendations in your email every Friday? Sign up for our Newsletter.