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Choosing to have an online psychic reading can feel like choosing between a life of self-discovery and isolation. Is it safer to go it alone? Should we try to connect with others instead? To move forward with any type of self-awareness process, it is necessary to break free from old patterns and habits and explore a world of entirely new ideas and experiences. This can seem like a scary leap, but you’re not alone if you have got reservations about seeking guidance from a psychic. However, what if someone is reading your future and they are seeing something you cannot see yourself? How can you know if they are giving you genuine, accurate advice or just feeding you the lines they’ve heard before? Here are some of the most pervasive, common misperceptions about online psychic readings and why they are not only untrue but potentially hazardous to your well-being. Here you can find the list of IndiaToday of best psychic reading sites.

Online Psychic Readings are Totally Fake


First, let us understand what an online psychic is. Do you think a real man is sitting behind a computer and predicting your future with his paranormal abilities? If you think so, I will disappoint you! If is not a man and neither a human being with any superpower. It is just a robot; more clearly, it is just a combination of some code lines that react to specific commands. You are not going to receive anything individually and specifically related to you. For checking the argument, you are welcome to try to register to any online psychic reading application from various devices and try it out. You will probably get some similar answers to different accounts, and this is the evidence of a fake psychic, which is actually nothing more than a simple coded robot.

You will Only Get Lousy Advice


Have you ever thought about the consequences after getting something harmful from the “trustful” psychic? There are and continue to be many people who have experienced severe life to deadly consequences because of being under psychic hypnosis. Imagine someone telling a person that his life is meaningless and he will not get what he has been dreaming about; how would this person feel? -Awful, helpless, etc.!

Usually, people who decide to try psychic reading have problems in life, and those problems may include from physical to psychological. The psychic’s pessimistic predictions might be the final shot to a visitor’s heart, and no one can take responsibility for what would happen.


Psychic readings are only for the gullible


Many people are coded so that everything can influence them, and it seems they are waiting for someone to say something. The majority of loyal customers of psychics have this personality, and it is very easy to convince them. Psychics do not really spend energy to persuade them, and they just tell whatever they “see,” and the hypnotized person is ready. It is also very easy to mislead these people and make them do whatever they want. They are considered to be blind and under someone’s control. If you feel that you are one of these vulnerable individuals, hurry up and run away from psychic readings as soon as possible. Do not consciously go and gift your mind, someone, to control!


You only have one life to live so why waste time with psychics?


Every individual is given a unique life to live and is free to plan it as he dreams. There are several questions to ask yourself before going to a psychic, and those are: “Do I want someone to decide my future?”, “Do I want to be under the control of someone?” or “Do I really need to know what will happen?”. If you got at least two answers that were “No” to the above questions, congratulations, you are a free person and can create your dream life. There are so many great things that happen to all of us that we are unaware of, and is it really worth wasting on unrealistic things? Of course, no!




Now, when you are aware of what a psychic reading actually is and its consequences, we hope you will carefully think and consider all pros and cons before making up your mind. Furthermore, if you decide to visit or use an online psychic service, our final advice is to meticulously research the website you are going to use and get any possible reviews that might help.

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