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eToro is an online trading platform that allows you to follow other traders. You can check out their overall return on investment and see their open trades, and you can copy their trades if you wish. It is also possible to follow a trader without investing in their trades, and get updates on their updates on your Watchlist and News Feed. Followers can also place their own trades to earn from their trades without copying.

Copy trading

You can learn to make money on Etoro by copy trading other traders. You can copy trades from other traders and invest with their capital. You can copy trades that you find profitable and enjoy the profits while doing so. It is possible to start with a small investment of $200 and increase the amount to $2 million. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can even invest as low as $2.

The first step is to find a portfolio that has the same characteristics and strategy as your own. You should be able to copy the trader with the highest performance. This way, you can learn from him/her and trade like a professional without making any mistakes. Make sure to choose a platform that has a transparent and regulated platform. Besides, copy trading is very advantageous for novice traders who are not ready to enter the trading market on their own.

Minimum lot size

The minimum lot size to make money on Etoro is one of the key factors to remember when trading. A standard lot size is one hundred thousand units of the base currency. For example, a standard lot size of USD/EUR would equate to 100,000 US dollars. However, if you are trading with a smaller lot size, the loss would be far less severe. On the other hand, if you are trading with a large lot size, you may lose thousands of dollars, which is why it is imperative to know your lot size.

Conversion fees

While it is not possible to make money on eToro without commissions, you can still take advantage of the service by depositing in USD. Using a regular bank to transfer funds to eToro can be risky, because it can result in steep fees or a bad exchange rate. Instead, opt for a Wise multi-currency account, which lets you receive payments in USD and other currencies with the click of a button.

Currently, Etoro requires a minimum deposit of $50 USD, but this can be increased during busy periods. Deposits made with a bank account in euros or non-USD are subject to a 0.5 percent currency conversion fee. By minimizing the cost of this fee, you can make a tidy profit on eToro. If you’re using your N26 debit card to deposit funds in your account, you can withdraw the money for free.

Maximum drawdown

The Max DrawDown value that eToro shows is conventionally recognized, whereas those of social trading companies like NASDAQ and CME differ. However, the reason behind this discrepancy is not immediately apparent. In fact, eToro calculates its profit/loss value using a more complicated formula. Compared to the modified Dietz formula, the new formula utilizes the balance of your Account and open positions in the market. This means that your drawdown value is not distorted by deposits.

You can determine the maximum drawdown on eToro by analyzing two different metrics: daily trading prices and monthly account balances. The latter is a more accurate indicator of how much you can lose before your account is completely lost. The maximum drawdown is also a useful way to gauge the volatility of the Forex market, which can fluctuate thousands of percent in just a few hours, days, or even minutes. Traders who want to make a living in the market need to have a firm grasp of both technical and fundamental analysis tools. It is an integral part of their risk management strategy.

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