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For as soon as there are people on the planet, there will always be a need for people to transport goods. Transportation is unique in that it comprises two crucial components with virtually NO breaking points: the use and generation of resources.

Individuals and organizations buy, sell, and consume goods on a regular basis. What’s this? They should be carried, and cargo specialists should control and transfer more of the world’s goods on a constant basis!

Almost everything you use or eat will have been on a vehicle at some point in time. Transporting cargo is becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is only going to continue in the future. Basically, you need to know where and when to show up in order to find it Not at all, however like with something, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it, and the difference between the two may be either costly or fruitful! No, it is not overly complicated.

In addition to being the founder of Freight Broker Boot Camp, Dennis Brown is also the former Chairman of Logistic Dynamics, Inc., which was one of North America’s fastest-growing shipping companies. In 2003, a friend piqued his curiosity in freight brokers by asking him a query about it. After learning about freight brokers for the first time, Dennis became intrigued in becoming one himself.

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The Need Of A Freight Broker

freight brokers help clients who need to move goods from one location to another by finding an appropriate carrier (trucking company) willing to deliver the goods at a lower price than the customer is willing to pay… therefore the name BROKER!


A freight broker is a middleman who connects available client freight with available cars in exchange for a 10 to 35 percent commission on each shipment.


A typical broker makes $100 to $500 every shipment, but I’ve made up to $5,175 just by organizing a car to convey the customer freight!

Freight Broker Boot Camp: Operations & Necessity 

Anyone interested in a career in freight brokerage and wishing to become a successful freight broker or freight broker agent should take the Freight Broker Boot Camp course.


Freight brokers’ primary responsibility is to help their clients get the best deal possible. The best price and the best service are just two examples of what this could mean.


In The Shoes Of A Freight Broker

  • You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to get started!
  • Join a $400 billion growing company!
  • You don’t have to leave your house to operate your business!
  • The first investment is quite low!
  • Huge potential for profit!
  • Using personnel isn’t necessary while brokering!
  • Transact business from any location in the United States, Canada, or the world.
  • To move, you only need a phone, an online connection, and the ability to follow instructions!
  • A simple and profitable add-on for current freight firms!
  • Many other things can be added to this list.
  • You shouldn’t need previous experience to become a freight broker. Anyone could turn into a freight broker if they put in the time and effort necessary.

Freight Broker Fits Official Website

The Essentials For Becoming A Freight Broker

  • To begin, decide if you really want to work in the brokerage or the sales industry.
  • reducing, if not eliminating, high start-up expenses
  • How to Become a Licensed Freight Broker
  • A freight broker trust or confidence can be obtained through what means?
  • Make a list of the resources you’ll need to become a good broker or agent.
  • Factoring bills has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to locate and get in touch with shippers.
  • Your and your client’s firm credit management
  • Carriers are found, negotiated, and signed contracts.
  • Become familiar with the difference between co-brokering and double-broking.
  • How to efficiently ship and track your cargo
  • How to quickly and cheaply set up a home office
  • Load Boards: What You Need to Know

The Freight Broker Boot Camp: Credibility

Yes. If you’re interested in becoming a freight broker, the Freight Broker Boot Camp program can teach you the skills you’ll need. First-time customers may be surprised to hear that their first shipment can reward them anywhere between $100 to $500. You must be determined to learn the skills you’ll need to succeed as a freight broker.


The Price & Refund Policy

This program has an annual fee of $185. In order to manage a successful business, you’ll need a variety of different tools. It’s such an important topic that it has its own section here.


For the record, we are aware of how much cash a freight broker may bring in. Every day, I earn a good living doing it, and We think you can too. Our personal promise to you is as follows:


Simply ask for a refund during the first 60 days and you’ll get it, no questions asked! In return for giving the internet freight broker education program a go, you get the free booklet “Think and or Grow Rich” as a thank you!

Expectations As A Freight Broker

If you’re a self-starter, your earning potential is practically unlimited. Rather than working alone, some agents want to form a network with colleagues around the nation in order to increase their revenue potential. A one-size-fits-all approach is impossible since there are so many variables to consider. A full-time broker can earn tens of thousands of dollars a day, while a part-time agent can earn just $100 a day. End results are determined by your level of ambition.

Freight Broker Fits Official Website

The Incentives: Freight BrokerFits Program

For the online promotion of your business, here are five creatively designed website designs to choose from. In this case, the amount is $500.00


Use the Gasoline Surcharge Calculator to find out how much extra you’ll pay for gas! – Let your imagination run wild! Amount: $ 200


Make professional contracts quickly and effortlessly with the Contract Generator! (The sum totaled $250.)


Use this sample design to help you design your own freight broker company. (150% of a budget of $150)


You may develop the ability to think like such a billionaire by downloading the free e-book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Millions of dollars’ worth


Database of more than half a million shippers


For $500+, you’ll get a database of carriers.


The Final Review

Shipping freight is a complicated process with many moving elements. Small and midsize businesses can achieve a competitive edge by offshoring to a broker like Freight BrokerFits. Large organizations often have the advantage of having a dedicated, in-house shipping department to handle it, but small and midsize enterprises can achieve similar effects by outsourcing to a broker like FreightPros.


Freight BrokerFits is our top suggestion in the freight brokerage sector since it offers reasonable pricing and significantly reduced rates, as well as industry-leading customer service.

Freight Broker Fits Official Website

For owner-operators and corporate drivers alike, being a freight broker or freight agent is typically the most logical career choice. It enables you to capitalize on your prior expertise and optimize your earning capacity based on what you already know.