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Superhero movies have become one of the industry’s biggest bets, as they are the highest-grossing releases and the ones that attract the most audiences. Of the most anticipated films about these characters, ” The Batman ” is undoubtedly one of the most desired, but there could be bad news from the set. A rumor claims that the dispute between the protagonist Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves, the director, would be uncontrollable and that the star refuses to return for a sequel.

The film will hit theaters on March 4 next year and the trailers already promise a great story

The film that will retell the story of the overcast created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane suffered several delays. Due to the pandemic, it was one of the many productions that was affected and filming had to stop for months. But according to a portal that specializes in rumors, this would not be the only problem that was generated. We Got This Cover ensures that the fight between the star and the director is such that the protagonist of “Good Times” rules out participating in another film.

According to reports from the site, Pattinson and Reeves do not get along at all and their arguments and disagreements on the set of ” The Batman ” would have reached a breaking point where they could not stand each other. Now, the actor would be willing to end his contract and reject the 20 million he already accepted to be part of the sequel.

Anyway, these rumors sound suspicious to more than one fan. In his career, Robert Pattinson never created an image of a “difficult actor” or person who will be difficult to work with. On Reeves’ side, those who have worked with him on previous films have had nothing but kind words about his methodology and directing. It could well be an unfounded rumor, but it was enough to worry many, who are now awaiting official confirmation from a more reliable source about the future of ” The Batman .”

Unlike its biggest competitor, in the DC movie universe created by Warner Bros., there is no general line to follow or a clear bond between its tapes. With the dismissal of Zack Snyder, many of his films are no longer part of the supposed continuity, but several of the characters that he presented continue with a schedule of premieres and would be connected to each other.

But “The Batman” will not be the case, in addition to being a new actor in a new Gotham City and new incarnations of the characters that surround him, Matt Reeves assured that his character is in another land. In the comics, there is the term multiverse, popularized precisely by DC. On film, this Bruce Wayne would be the exemplar of Earth 2, so you can play with that world without constantly worrying about how the story would fit in with the rest of the filmography.

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