Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Hunter Echo vulgarly brags about his sex life with Millie Bobby Brown. The team of the “Stranger Things” star now wants to put the TikToker in its place.

TikToker Hunter Echo vulgarly brags about sex life with Millie Bobby Brown

A violent drama is looming over Millie Bobby Brown, who actually has a new boyfriend at the moment. Currently, however, it is about an alleged ex-boyfriend: Fans are extremely disgusted by statements that TikToker Hunter Echo told in a live stream on Instagram. Allegedly, the “Stranger Things” star started a relationship with him when he was 20 and she was just 16 years old. In the video, the TikTok star drops a lot of lewd comments about Millie Bobby Brown sex life and tells in a rather vulgar way about sexual practices the two are said to have committed. So… has millie bobby brown had sex? Apparently yes. The outcry in the comments was huge because America bans sex with 12 to 16-year-olds if the other person is four years older. This is then called “Statutory Rape”. In the live video, Hunter Echo’s sister also intervened, saying, “She was in love, obsessed. She sat on his penis 24/7. It wasn’t him. He just kept talking about how weird the bi * I was. ” We’ll spare you the rest of the comments at this point.

Millie Bobby Brown’s team denies the statements and wants to take action against Hunter Echo

The comments on his live stream glowed in front of angry viewers and fans of the “Stranger Things” star. He was the adult and should have known it was wrong. But Hunter Echo sees it a little differently. In the video, he kept stressing that there was nothing to apologize for because everything would have been legal. He also claims that Millie Bobby Brown’s parents knew about everything and that he even lived there for eight months. Millie did not yet respond to these statements herself. In the meantime, however, the PR team of the “Stranger Things” star got in touch and promised to take action against Hunter Echo: “Mr. Ecimovic’s statements on social media are not only dishonest but also irresponsible, insulting and hateful. Instead of clarifying this in public discourse, we will take steps that will finally prevent this behavior.” Hunter Echo’s account has already been blocked on Instagram and Twitter. However, he posted an apology on TikTok, where he confessed that the live stream was a stupid idea and that he was drunk. This excuse is not enough for fans. They are demanding that the TikTok star be held accountable. We very much hope that the situation will be cleared up soon and that Millie Bobby Brown will be fine.

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