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The White Lotus: Review! Should You Watch The New On HBO?

With the arrival of HBO Max in Latin America come new original HBO productions, one of them is “ The White Lotus ”. This miniseries, created by Mike White, known by the firm for having given life to the well-remembered “Enlightened” with Laura Dern, returns with a tart, ironic and funny story.

The Plot

The story follows the vacations of various guests at a paradise resort in Hawaii. while they rest and revitalize. But as each day passes, a dark complexity emerges between these high society travelers and the “cheerful” hotel employees.

” The White Lotus ” is made up of just six episodes, in that space of time, we will see the stories of the different characters, which are played by renowned comedy stars such as Jennifer Coolidge, Connie Britton, Alexandra Daddario, Sydney Sweeney, Molly Shannon, Jake Lacy, and Steve Zahn, among others.

The First Criticisms

The reviews highlight the satire of the North American high society and its lifestyle. The micro-stories of the different guests that emerge in the miniseries are also positive.

Mike White’s works are known for always keeping a good rhythm, something this new production does honors. Another hallmark of White is the intelligent and acid dialogue, not to mention the wise choice of the cast.

For those who don’t know, White is an actor, showrunner, scriptwriter, director, and more. He is responsible for creating the stories of ” The Good Girl ” with Jennifer Aniston, ” A Singular Dad ” with Ben Stiller, and even the beloved ” School of Rock ” with Jack Black.

How And When To See It?

For both HBO and HBO Max subscribers, “ The White Lotus ” premieres its episodes on Sundays in prime time. On the HBO signal, prior to the premiere, the previous chapter is broadcast, so they still have time to catch up with this interesting miniseries.

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