Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The couple has already made their divorce official, but they maintain a bond beyond their children.

Despite the separation proceedings continuing, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian still have several collaborative ventures.

Professional ties are the reason both of you continue a relationship beyond your children. Following the announcement that the model’s KKW Beauty brand is undergoing a major makeover earlier this week, it was revealed that the rapper is also involved in this decision.

At first, there was talk about the decision of the model to remove the letter W from the brand since it refers to the surname West. But anyway, the musician is still a partner in the beauty products firm.

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A very particular detail related to the news is that Kanye West himself helped to think about the new name that the renowned brand will receive from now on. The producer also assisted with the new packaging and formulas for the review.

It all started with a contour kit and expanded to eyes, lips, body, and many amazing collections over the last 4 years. On August 1 at midnight we will close the site so that we can come back to you under a completely revamped brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative, and packed with a new elevated and sustainable look.

This is how Kim Kardashian wrote on her official Instagram account about the decision to completely modify her makeup line, although she did not comment on the association she still has with the father of her children.

Uncertain future.

Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are definitely already separated, the rapper is already in a relationship with model Irina Shayk again. Until now, Kim’s opinion on the matter has not been known.

Sources close to her say it will take a long time for the model to trust someone again and that she doesn’t want to make headlines again for a romance.


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