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Why Is July 10 International Beatles Day?

Although there are versions that suggest that International Beatles Day is in January, the reality is that UNESCO chose July 10.

The International Beatles Day is commemorated on Saturday, July 10, and for fans is a very special date and Liverpool quartet has its own celebration because it achieved international fame for its effective years.

Although there are versions that suggest that the day is celebrated on January 16, the reality is that UNESCO chose July 10, although it has never recognized this date as an official day to honor the contribution to the music of the iconic members of the group.

We announced the 50th anniversary of the separation of the quartet that broke records and caused fainting spells among its biggest fans.

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Why was July 10 chosen as International Beatles Day?

Many fans choose a different date to celebrate the day of their favorite band since July 10 is perfect, since in 1954 the British band returned to their hometown, in Liverpool, after a great tour of the United States.

They were also present in their movie “A Hard Day ‘s Night” which starred themselves and was named as one of the best 100 tapes of all time by Time magazine.

The group is still very present among the fans, as recently Ringo Starr, the iconic drummer of The Beatles, turned 81 years old and the fans joined the celebration through social networks.

Why is Beatles Day celebrated?

It is a date to commemorate the memory of the members of the group who have already passed away; like John Lennon, who was killed at the hands of a fan.

The International Day of The Beatles continues to be celebrated despite more than 50 years of the terrible events that the Liverpool quartet lived through.


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