Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The actor confirmed the news through his social media.

The Marvel star, Robert Downey Jr., has confirmed through his social networks the death of the legendary director and interpreter, Robert Downey Sr. at the age of 85.

The father of the Iron Man interpreter was known in his own right thanks to a long career in the industry that began within independent cinema in the 60s.

The talented octogenarian was noted as the director of “Putney Swope,” a celebrated anti-establishment satire from the advertising world that gained cult status. With a 16mm camera and tight budgets, Downey Sr. was at the forefront of numerous underground films, making him a central figure in the American counterculture of the last century.

To direct the film, Robert Downey Jr.’s parents also worked as an actor on some notable television shows such as “The Twilight Zone,” “Matlock,” and “Tales of the City,” as well as brief appearances in the films “Magnolia.” and “Boogie Nights,” which earned him the status of a fetish actor from his colleague Paul Thomas Anderson.

The filmmaker was married three times in his life and is survived not only by Robert Downey Jr. but also by his daughter Allyson and his wife, Rosemary Rogers, who was by his side when he died as a result of a five-year battle against him. Parkinson. The latter was the one who communicated the sad news to the media.

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The word of Robert Downey Jr.

This Wednesday, June 7, Robert Downey Jr. referred to the heartbreaking loss officially through his Instagram account. “Last night, Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s,” the MCU actor began his statement.

“He was a true maverick filmmaker and was remarkably optimistic the entire time. According to the calculations of my stepmother, they were happily married for more than 2000 years ”, complemented the interpreter and producer.

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