Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

With the transition of many activities to the online format, the gaming world is changing especially rapidly. In this quick review, we will share with you some major gaming trends of 2022 and how the gaming industry is going to change. 

  1. No more play-to-earn games

In 2022, platform owners will not allow titles based entirely on the “play-to-earn” model to their stores. The main reason is that the concept of Web3 (decentralized internet) is “a curse for mobile stores”. These platforms are fully centralized and vertically integrated into the businesses of Google, Apple, and other giants. The problem of games with the “play-to-earn” model is especially acute for Apple. If the company allows such projects in the App Store, it will begin to lose control over purchases and other transactions. Therefore, gamers will have to replace PtE games with online slots. Fortunately, Zodiac Casino reviewed a large selection of games to choose from.


2.The Game as a Service

Access to PC games by subscription (GaaS) is not a very new concept, but a quite popular way of monetization, convenient for both gamers and developers. Instead of buying an expensive release once, the players pay a relatively small amount for as long as they are interested in the game. And this motivates developers to create the story, and not just fix bugs.

In this format, the player, foremost, pays for new content. This can be a season pass, access to individual adventures or events, as well as microtransactions – the purchase of game items and resources. Activision Blizzard became the pioneer of GaaS – in 2004 the studio opened paid access to World of Warcraft. Then, Dota 2, Rocket League, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite followed WoW’s example.

3. Neural networks and artificial intelligence

Enemies in games are getting smarter and more unpredictable. They learn along the way, getting to know the player and making it fun for them to fight. These are no longer those stupid bots that could get stuck in a corner or walk along the same routes. Such opportunities are provided by artificial intelligence, and the main technology for its implementation is neural networks. They contain thousands of parameters, learn on the go, show increasingly complex behavior, and challenge the player. Artificial intelligence is interestingly implemented in TES IV games: Oblivion, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., ECHO, and the Deus Ex series. It is very difficult to predict the behavior of the game world here, so the story opens up from a new side every time.


In 2022, gamers will also take subscriptions to game catalogs. Typically, such services are cheaper than paying for access to several of your favorite games separately. An example of such a subscription is Xbox Game Pass – the service opens up new opportunities for PC gamers. The subscription includes more than a hundred games, including Mortal Kombat 11, Firewatch, Halo Infinite, and soon the collection will be replenished with Total War: WARHAMMER III and Shredders.


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