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It seems that Tom Holland and Zendaya wanted to keep their romance a secret, because although on many occasions they were seen together they always assured that they were just friends, but now they can no longer deny it because they were recently caught kissing, which could indicate that they maintain a romantic relationship.

The co-stars of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” were caught kissing inside a car, so the fans have gone crazy and happy for the couple, but how did this romance start? here we bring you all the details.

Tom Holland And Zendaya: Relationship Timeline

Apparently it all started in 2016, shortly after it was announced that Tom Holland and Zendaya would participate in the reboot of the “Spider-Man” movies. In July 2016, the actor shared an Instagram photo of the two celebrities accompanied by a friend while enjoying a pool.

In November of that same year, Zendaya left a small but impressive clue , as she told Hollywood Reporter magazine: “In the midst of all the chaos and sadness … this good thing happened to me today. It is an honor to share it with the best … Spider-Man himself ”.

In July 2016 the actors again appeared together , this time on the red carpet at the Comic-Con presentation in San Diego, where they were photographed together.

The rumors continued and in May 2017 they attended the MTV and TV Awards ceremony. By this time, for both the media and the fans, it was almost confirmed that both were in a relationship, and People magazine assured that both were “dating.”

The Denial

“They started seeing each other while filming Spider-Man. They have been very careful to keep it private and out of the public eye, but they have gone on vacation together and try to spend as much time as possible together, ”the magazine said.

However after the premiere of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Tom spoke about it , assuring that they were just friends.

“We are like the best of friends. She is so great and amazing. I’m a little worried (about dealing with fame, but) Zendaya is super famous and she’s been through this and I just call her and say, ‘How do I manage to be famous?’ I am very happy to have a friend like her ”.

In August 2017, Zendaya spoke about it to put out the rumors of the romance , as she spoke about Tom saying: “He’s a great guy. He is literally one of my best friends. These last few months we have had to do press tours together. There are very few people who understand what that is like in their 20s. ”

In June 2019 Holland had an interview with the ELLE medium, where he revealed that he was single, and therefore did not maintain a relationship with Zendaya.

This is how Tom Holland and Zendayas have been in charge throughout these years of denying that there is a love relationship between them, however after being caught kissing it seems that they have revealed their romance to everyone , because it is inevitable to think that both they have more than just friendship.

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