Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Is the curse of spider-man real? Some netizens claim that this is the case, as they brought to mind the romance between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield after Tom Holland and Zendaya revealed their romance. Have you been previously informed that the protagonists of the Spiderman film saga were caught kissing inside a car?

So immediately the followers of this character beat me in the tendencies of Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire, since these jealousies were also protagonists of Spiderman at the time, and they had an affair with their co-star . The most famous was that of Stone and Garfield since the also protagonist of Cruella was in the same relationship for several years.

Will Zendaya and Tom Holland’s romance be the same as Stone and Andrew Garfield’s?

Zendaya and Tom Holland seem to be dating again after months of interval. Previously after their separation, Zendaya was confirmed dating other people, one of which was Kissing Booth star Jacob Elordi. Some call it the Spider-Man curse not precisely because there is an affair between the protagonists, but rather because these relationships never end up being successful, and they seemed doomed to fail.

So maybe Zendaya’s relationship with her protagonist will not last long, or at least this is what the expert netizens think.

“First: Kirsten Dunst and Tobey, Second: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Third: Zendaya and Tom Holland Has it become Spider-Man tradition that the main characters come out in real life?”

For now, they both look very much in love and seem to be enjoying the months leading up to the premiere of the next film Spider-Man No Way Home.

Do you think that the romance of Zendaya and Tom Holland failed the same as that of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

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