Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

We can finally see how SPECTACULAR Ariana Grande wore in her wedding dress, with which she looked like a princess!

On May 17, Ariana Grande revealed to TMZ that she had finally given the big yes in secret, that without giving more details of how the expected wedding had been. Today, the singer gave us an insight into the romantic day she got married (May 15 this year). The photos that the ‘7 rings’ interpreter has shared on Instagram reveal how she looked on her big day: her makeup, the jewelry she wore, and, most importantly, the beautiful white wedding dress she wore to walk down the aisle. Keep reading and know ALL the details.

Who designed Ariana Grande’s wedding dress?

Vogue magazine has revealed that Vera Wang was the designer behind the wedding dress in which Ariana Grande had her secret wedding to Dalton Gomez.

Apparently, the talented designer agreed with Ari that she would take care of the wedding dress of her dreams, for a long time. The day finally arrived and Vera Wang has not disappointed her, what’s more, she left everyone speechless with the beautiful design she made especially for the artist.

The details of Ari’s dress created by Vera Wang.

The interpreter of ‘God is a woman who has worn a white satin dress that reaches the floor. It is totally strapless and has a sophisticated neckline at the back. It also has an opening in the lower back for greater mobility and that allows you to see the shoes that Ariana wore on her big day; It is a pair of white high heels. The entire design screams Ariana Grande and Vera Wang really managed to capture the entire personality of the singer with this beautiful design.

The hairstyle Ariana wore to her secret wedding.

Ariana Grande opted for an elegant half-ponytail over which she placed the wedding veil inspired by the one Audrey Hepburn wore on her wedding day. This accessory has been cut short so as not to overshadow the neckline at the back and it features a bow at the top that goes very well with the sweet look of the artist.

Pearls everywhere!

A few months ago it became known that the artist’s engagement ring had a tender meaning for her, as it belonged to her beloved ‘nonna’. The earrings she wore that day were a perfect match with her pearl diamond ring that she showed off a few months earlier.

Her makeup was perfect!

The artist was not used to wearing heavily loaded makeup looks. She usually keeps them simple and flirty and her wedding day was no different. Her look was kept classic and simple. She used nude shades that were accompanied by a thin outline and neutral lipstick.

And the boyfriend, Dalton Gomez?

Dalton Gomez, Ariana’s now-husband, also looked very handsome at their wedding ceremony. According to what Vogue magazine revealed, the real estate agent wore a black Tom Ford suit as well as the tie and accompanied him by a white shirt. Classic and elegant.

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