Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Megan Fox shared a post on Instagram for Pride Month. The content has even surprised one or the other fan!

Megan Fox used Pride Month for an Insta post that surprised some fans. In the photo, she not only wears her nails in the colors of the rainbow (an important symbol of the LGBTQ + community) but also has a message for her fans. Did you know about their sexual orientation?

Megan Fox is bisexual.

In her post, she wrote to the fans: “I’ve been using the B in #LGBTQIA for 2 decades. “and makes it clear once again that she is bisexual. That’s not necessarily news, because the actress was open about her own sexuality back in 2009. However, this happens comparatively rarely, so that many a fan was surely surprised by the “news”. Especially because she has been with Machine Gun Kelly since 2020. But that doesn’t mean anything, as we know, and Fox wasn’t always with guys: What is known is that she once had a relationship with a prostitute named Nikita. This is also the only known relationship she had with a woman, but when she split from Green in 2009, she said she wanted to date Angelina Jolie. Her acting colleague never said anything about this statement and a short time later Fox was back together with Green, so it probably didn’t work out!

Some fans knew nothing about their bisexuality.

For some fans, the post came as a surprise, as can be seen from the various reactions to the actress’ “outing”. This fan reacts with a pun: “Megan Fox is a real Bicon. “Another fan summed up the amazement this way:” Now that I know Megan Fox is bisexual, nothing else matters. “A fan comment was particularly popular:“ Dear, you made sure that many of us realize the B in us. “ Some also see their post as being rather flirty and react accordingly. For example, an apparently female fan writes:” It’s okay, my friend and I have nothing serious going on anyway. We appreciate the consistently positive feedback Fox receives for her sexual orientation. This is how it should always work!

By Farwa Raza

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