Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Can you introduce Hailey Bieber as an actress or a singer?

Career change for Hailey Bieber?

In the new episode of “What was fun?”, The podcast of TikTok-Star Addison Rae, she talks to her girlfriend Hailey Bieber about Hailey’s future plans. Addison asks her directly if she could also imagine a career as a singer or actress. Justin Bieber’s wife has a very clear answer to this: “As a child, I did a lot of musical theater and I had a lot of fun singing. I’m a musical geek, but I would only do if I had an Adele-like voice.” That brings Addison to the pointing. Would that be something for the entrepreneur? “No, I think that too is not for me. As a teenager, I took a few courses, but I never really felt comfortable with them, ”says Hailey. “Maybe I should have stayed at it and taken a degree, but I never did,” she added. Closes Hailey Bieber So a career change completely from?

Hailey Bieber’s future plans.

No, Hailey Bieber doesn’t want to rule it out completely either. “One should never say never. Life and opinions on some things change again and again and who knows, maybe it will fit me and my plans at some point. ”Maybe Hailey would like to focus more on her family planning at the moment. Again and again, you hear rumors that Hailey is in baby fever and that she and her husband Justin Bieber are already planning children. We are excited to see what else the Bieber family will surprise us with!

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