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Model Cara Delevingne says that as a child she believed that being gay was a ‘mental illness that caused her depression.

During much of her childhood and adolescence, the model Cara Delevingne lived a very negative conception of homosexuality, as well as of sexual identities that were far from the ‘norm’, all due to the conservative and traditional education that she had received at home and at school.

But far from trying to divert attention from that mentality that she presented years ago, Cara Delevingne wanted to delve into the importance of early awareness and reduce the most negative effects of an upbringing marked by intolerance and homophobia.

The model said that all this explained the “shame” and hatred that she came to feel when she began to have a greater awareness of her pansexuality.

“Being gay is a mental illness”: Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne, who is also an actress, admitted that she came to think that “being gay was a mental illness”, so she understandably fell into a deep depression when she could not accept herself for who she was.

“I thought I was sick, that there was something strange and wrong with me for being different. And the same thing happens with depression, it was something that I could not deal with emotionally due to the stigma that it entails.”

He added, for the ‘Make It Reign’ podcast. “You have to learn that nothing happens to feel like this, that it happens to everyone at some point in their life. I think being able to talk about it without shame is what has given me the necessary tools to face it and find people to help me.”

Model Delevingne confesses to having insecurities.

The British artist also said she was convinced that all her “insecurities”, including those related to her physical appearance, as well as her history of addictions have as their point of origin, the vital dissatisfaction derived from a sexual condition that seemed at least sinful and of a psychological trauma that, at the time, was a taboo subject.

Cara Delevingne concluded the podcast with: “The journey I have had has been too long, I have been struggling with all this since I was a child. And I think it all comes from trauma and addictions that have also manifested in my family. so many reasons that led me to shut my mouth instead of saying, ‘I’m sick, I need help.’

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