Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Loki Series: Here we give you the explanation of chapter 2 and we reveal who is Lady Loki, the “killer variant”.

After the first chapter of the series was more of giving context about what had happened with Loki after having taken the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, it was possible to meet the TVA and discover what function they fulfill in the universe, which corresponds to avoid alterations of time.

In that tenor, Loki was also forced to remember the death of his mother, Odin, and even his own death, although not everything was terrible in those memories because he could also appreciate again that he made peace with Thor. But in this second chapter, the story begins to take a turn perhaps for many waiting and others would never have imagined it.

Meanwhile, the third chapter of the Loki series will have its premiere on Wednesday 23 at 3:00 am Central Mexico time, and yes, to wait another week, but without a doubt that uncertainty about knowing what will happen is what it does. Most an exciting series.

Who is Lady Loki in the series?

Lady Loki is one of the versions of Loki that exists in the comics that, as clever and deceptive as she turns out to be, has manipulated the Marvel heroes; This character is perhaps the one that is unleashing the multiverse that has been expected by all Marvel fans since it was said that it exists.

At the end of the episode, Lady Loki causes an imbalance in the timelines, creating alternative timelines, this on TVA, and that precisely this would be what could unleash (or unleash) the expected multiverse. If true, the series would be linking with the Doctor Strange movie: In the Multiverse of Madness.

What happened in the second chapter of Loki?

The appearance of Lady Loki has been the main thing that has happened in this chapter and the conflict it created in the AVT by alternating the timelines, the relationship between Loki and Mobius becomes more and more close friends and has not stopped supporting them in accepting their mistakes previously made

The lord of duplicity at long last figured out how to get his terrible variation at 250, which was colossal amazement when he encountered himself. However, what is still revealing in the series is having found that variant of Lady Loki that even has the same armor as Loki.


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