Tue. Jul 5th, 2022
Jennifer Lopez, the American pop star, and actor Ben Affleck were seen reunited in Miami as it featured the duo sharing a kiss during their daily workout routine.
A popular news channel stated that both of them were called ‘Bennifer’ by fans during their engagement almost a decade ago. And both of them reunited recently, while they were in Miami and one of the onlookers saw them working together at the gym.
As per a reliable source, the 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck did not have any intention of hiding their romance and one of the onlookers saw them sharing “a kiss between sets”.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were at Anatomy Fitness in Miami when the incident happened. Both of them went to the gym with different trainers, but they were not in a mood to hide their relationship.
Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were working on their fitness and during the session, they were also seen “hugging” and “being playful together.”
With their behavior at the gym, it was pretty clear that the duo had amazing chemistry and was having fun together. One of the sources reported that the couple was having a great time.
The singer’s fans know that she works out regularly as it is an integral part of her routine and Ben also seemed to be with her at the gym. One of the fans also stated that the duo was in a “honeymoon phase”.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion has become the talk of Hollywood and their fans have come out with huge support for the couple. They really want to see them united officially.

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