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The crypto community decided to share their opinions about what to do next after profiting enough gains to last your entire life, from receding into the wind to experiencing the globe. Understanding topics such as what is a Chainlink price prediction and how that aids investors helped you get so much money from cryptocurrencies, but what now? What happens when you get rich with cryptocurrency?

After cashing out enough gains to sustain a lifetime of crypto trading and investment, many crypto enthusiasts are now looking to explore the world. Whether they’re travelling to new and exciting corners of the globe, or just taking a break from the crypto community and market volatility, everyone has their ideas about what to do next after getting rich from crypto. In this article, we share some of the top thoughts on what to do after getting rich from cryptocurrency and being victorious in the crypto world. A couple of Reddit users gave their views and ideas on how to best spend money accrued from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana among other coins.

A user with the handle u/LifeReboot disclosed how a lucky break resulted in a smaller level of satisfaction than anticipated. As a result, LifeReboot enquired of his fellow crypto enthusiasts concerning what they felt about the next step after earning enough money to last their remaining years. He basically wished to know what to do after one gets rich by trading crypto.

In response, user Adamant27 expressed his gratitude and likened living to gaming on a console or PC. He talked about u/LifeReboot  completing a mission called economic reliability and autonomy, but added that there are many more tasks in this game called Life.  He additionally urged LifeReboot to pursue “larger quests,” such as self-improvement and spiritual growth. This emphasises the idea that getting rich from crypto does not automatically equate to happiness.


From the perspective of Reddit users, Snowboarding kook, the solution is to travel the globe. In response, the Commenter stated that none of it beats travelling.

Redditor Feodal lord, however, contends that vanishing and residing without socialising with others is a smart option. Snowboarding kook further informed me that if he had sufficient income to live on for the rest of my life – presumably money gotten from crypto trading of assets – he’d tell the world fuck you and go somewhere far away to ive alone.

Another user, Goonzoo, recommended that since the thread’s creator didn’t sound like an avaricious crypto maniac, maybe starting a crypto project wasn’t a bad idea so that they could trade cryptocurrency. He further said that u/LifeReboot might want to make it one-of-a-kind and use it as a cornerstone.  Perhaps it could positively enrich his life.

The Crypto coins with the highest chance of making you rich

Many people wonder, can cryptocurrency make you rich? Yes, it can. The problem is many people don’t know the best ways to get rich with cryptocurrency or good exchange sites like where they can trade in cryptos safely. So, what are the crypto coins or platforms with the greatest chance of making you affluent based on Reddit?

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the crypto having the most expansion potential. It has grabbed the interest of vast numbers of Redditors with the aim of reinventing the worldwide lottery system, and it continues to stand out as the finest crypto investment in 2022.

Lucky Block serves as a member of the latest projects in the crypto space, and it’s already shown a lot of promise in terms of generating massive profits.

The creators of this currency devised a novel method for reintroducing the “old game of chance” into the blockchain network.

Most buyers and sellers have little perspective into the developers behind crypto assets. However, in this particular instance, we could see that the group consists of a few of the top minds in engineering, finance, and advertising.

This crypto employs RNG smart contract software to ensure that all investors that are participating in the game have equal chances to succeed. A Binance smart chain is used to ascertain the victors.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is home to one of the biggest crypto communities on Reddit and is one of the most affordable cryptos to invest in if you don’t have much capital. Many people have been following the development of this intriguing meme coin, which originally came out in August 2021 as a competitor to Dogecoin.

Dogecoin made some significant profits in the beginning of 2021, and the pioneers of Shiba Inu have stated that this coin has the same, if not more, prospects.

To offer credit where it’s due, they were completely correct. Shiba Inu was able to significantly improve its token value in a couple of months. Whilst still forecasting the valuation of meme coins is virtually impossible, Shiba Inu is showing signs of substantial rise this year too.  As several exhilarating undertakings have already been announced, this coin might be a fantastic and low-cost investment option for novice investors.


Ripple has done an excellent job of validating its crown as the community’s most innovative blockchain network. This token has truly altered the manner through which financial institutions work by figuring out how to reconfigure the system that underpins international payments.

SWIFT has become the most prevalent process for going about international transfers in the past few years. Even so, users have been complaining for a while about the cost and effectiveness of this form of payment. This is precisely why, over the last year, many banks have partnered with Ripple to speed up their money transfers.


Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency possessing free token promotion, is the last on our list. Like the other cryptos we’ve looked at, it has had a superb year in terms of token development. Accruing an all-time high of $0.73 in May 2021, Dogecoin has grown by more than 14,000 per cent  Cent Coin is not a new venture; it was introduced in 2013 as a prank.  

Over many years, the value held steady, but that shifted when Elon Musk declared that his business would recognize Dogecoin as payment.Beyond this, he began to commonly tweet about it and acknowledge it in numerous interviews, leading it to a temporary explosion

Even though the value of Dogecoin has dropped since its all-time peak, Redditors haven’t completely abandoned this enticing meme coin. They presume that the coin’s worth will skyrocket in 2022 as a consequence of various initiatives and attributes that’ll be launched in the months ahead.

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