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Avalanche is a digital currency and a blockchain platform. It has already become the rival of Ethereum. Avalanche blockchain’s native token is AVAX, which just like other cryptocurrencies depends upon smart contracts to fund various projects of blockchain. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading.

The blockchain of Avalanche offers quick transaction finality. The native coin of Avalanche is widely used for paying transaction processing charges. These coins also keep the network of Avalanche secure and protected. AVAX is like a fundamental unit of accounts among blockchain in the ecosystem of Avalanche. 

Conspectus of Avalanche AVAX 

Avalanche is a famous blockchain platform, having the native coin AVAX. After its launch in the year 2020, it became a challenger of Ethereum ETH as its primary aim is to focus on scalability and transaction speed. 

The native currency of Avalanche assists in protecting the ecosystem of Avalanche. Through this currency, transaction fees can be paid across the network. Furthermore, the transaction process charges and rate of AVAX currency are set with the help of the governance model. 

The significant fact about Avalanche is that it can process over 4,500 transactions each second. It was launched to be speedy, multipurpose, secure, reasonably priced, and easy to get. 

More about Avalanche

The smart contracts of Avalanche can support both decentralized applications (dapps) as well as autonomous blockchains. Just like every other cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, Avalanche owns some features that make it outstanding among others. 

Rate of Coin Creation

As per the stats in records, the highest supply of AVAX was noted at 720 million tokens. The AVAX users hold the power to govern how quickly new coins are issued. The AVAX holders can regulate the speed of development of new coins by voting to alter the quantity of AVAX that is already paid as a prize for adding an extra block to the blockchain of the Avalanche platform. 

Transaction Charges 

The charges of the transaction depend upon the type of transaction you are making and the Avalanche’s network overcrowding. All the charges are removed from the circulation to facilitate AVAX becoming rarer with the time passing. The users and investors of Avalanche make their votes to decide the transaction charges of Avalanche that makes the AVAX fees issue change.

Consensus Mechanism 

All the transactions made on the blockchain of Avalanche are verified through a unique method. This method demands small and random subsets of contributors of the ecosystem to authenticate transactions prior to the transactions being finally confirmed. 

Incentives for Participants 

Quick responses are the key to boosting AVAX prizes for all the participants. The participants of the ecosystem earn for handing out transactions of AVAX tokens. 

The blockchain platform Avalanche is controlled and monitored by Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism. The AVAX holders have to stake and agree to not sell or purchase AVAX in exchange for the right to corroborate AVAX transactions. The AVAX owners who have staked the most and who actively contribute as validators are expected to be selected as a validator for new blocks of Avalanche. Holding tokens of Avalanche also demands a vote on Avalanche’s governance proposal. 

Is Investing In AVAX Unsafe?

The native currency of Avalanche, AVAX, is a cryptocurrency. Just like all other cryptocurrencies, it will not be completely safe to invest in AVAX without proper research about it. Before investing in AVAX, make sure to do strong research about it. Moreover, make a smart move and consider not investing more than you can afford to lose. 

Is Avalanche Blockchain Safe? 

Many professionals do consider it to be a safe blockchain platform. The reasons are obvious as it has a unique nature of randomized consensus mechanism. The Avalanche blockchain claims that its platform promotes robust safety precautions that make the blockchain comparatively less exposed to attacks than other blockchains. 

Where to Purchase AVAX Tokens From? 

All crypto tokens are traded on exchange platforms. The simplest way to purchase AVAX is by using an exchange platform such as Coinbase or Kraken. The platform of Avalanche blockchain supports decentralized, peer-to-peer trading amongst AVAX and Ethereum based tokens. 


Avalanche is considered as a layer one blockchain. It works for decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks. As it is one of the rivals of Ethereum, it is aiming to remove Ethereum from the seat of the most popular blockchain for smart contracts.

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