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2021 was one of the most important years in the history of cryptocurrency, as most cryptos set new all-time highs, and several partnerships were made. New institutional and retail investors believed in the project’s fundamental and helped keep the project active. Currently, the rate of crypto adoption and crypto investments has increased. This year is a more interesting one as there are several partnerships in views and several upgrades on major altcoins like Ethereum. Although most cryptos are planning to improve their network infrastructure, Ethereum seems to be one of the networks with the most relevant upgrade. According to the price prediction of the entire crypto community, by 2030, the worth of the crypto community would have tripped its present worth.  

2021 was a good one for both crypto enthusiasts and crypto investors. 2022 should be more for investors willing to take calculated risk amongst all odds. It is no news that the crypto community has a lot of opportunities waiting to be explored. So, are we having a bullish 2022 or a bearish one? What crypto investment would be hitting the crypto community this year?

Here are some of the trends to watch out for this year

Crypto investment regulations

This has been in major discussion for a very long time. However, the United States, in its recent sitting, discussed passing about 35 new crypto regulations. This means that 2022 will probably be seeing some of these regulations actively. The concept of crypto regulation is now something most crypto enthusiasts cannot swing beneath the carpet. It’s becoming a reality. However, as a crypto investor, it is important that you start preparing for the incoming regulation but make sure your transaction histories are duly recorded, and you have your tax invoice with you. Making sure you have all your transaction history for at least five years or three years past is very important. It would help you stay above these regulations. Recall that China had crypto transactions banned in 2021 before taking a reversal decision. This means that the government has the overall veto power on activities in their jurisdiction. One of the main arms of the crypto community that is most likely to face the bulk of this regulation is decentralized finance (DeFi).there has been lots of scrutiny in the ecosystem as its growth has been interesting these past years. Being one of the most successful ecosystems in the crypto community, it has also placed it on the watch list of crypto regulators. However, it is worth noting that one of the reasons why regulation is coming into the crypto community is because the law-makers feel the crypto community lacks “customer protection,” which seems to be very important.  

More blockchain Technology

There’s no running away from technology. Not even in the crypto space because it was built on blockchain technology. One of the best things to any economic sector is technology. You always have something new to share and new innovative ideas to facilitate daily activities and even crypto investments. No one would have thought of spending digital currencies in 2005 or earlier. However, with blockchain technology comes digital currencies, and now, we have several hundreds of digital currencies, with many more coming into the crypto space soonest. Several ongoing crypto projects will be becoming mainstream soon as the rate of user adoption increases. This 2022 sees the crypto space enjoying several opportunities and technological upgrades compared to the previous years. 

Full-ride into the decentralized finance ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, DeFi is one of the most influential ecosystems in the crypto community, and that’s because of the growth it has enjoyed these past few years. The DeFi ecosystem is becoming more competitive as several projects are now coming into the ecosystem, with some competing with Ethereum for dominance. Some of these projects are the popular Ethereum killers with the capacity to do what the Ethereum network can do, even better. So, in the DeFi community, there are several branches such as the liquidity pools, liquidity providers, yield farming, stablecoin investments, etc. This year will be seeing several activities in the DeFi ecosystem amidst the regulation news; the decentralized finance community seems to be a strong one, with several investors and partnerships coming into the ecosystem fully. Ethereum, for one, needs to complete its transition into the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism faster before the Ethereum killers such as Solana, Luna, and Cardano take its place as the number 1 project in the DeFi ecosystem. 


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