Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

During the live Tsukimi, Sullivan Rouaudcollection director of Mangetsu, revealed new information about the contents of Zone Fantôme which is scheduled for release on August 17th. The four short stories, “in the style of Netflix“, therefore have a common thread between them. Fausto Fasulo (Mad Movies, ATOM) sign the preface when Morolianspecialist in Junji Ito, offers us a complete afterword on the work. On the manufacturing side, Mangetsu offers a dust jacket with gilding but also a varnished cover, without forgetting color pages at the beginning of the volume, always in large format. A great edition to come!

Zone Fantôme, the mangaka’s most recent work, was published on the LINE Manga platform in 2020. Junji Ito also mentioned the fact that this new digital format gave him inspiration thanks to longer and less restrictive formats. Still in progress with 2 volumes, the themes covered such as the sacred or religion are reminiscent of those of Sensor!
Summary :
Following an impromptu trip, a young woman is seized with uncontrollable sobs, a darkly functioning Catholic boarding school seems to venerate the Blessed Virgin as a deity in her own right, the forest sadly famous for its suicides which stretches out at the foot of the Mount Fuji becomes the scene of a surge of wandering souls and a law student wonders if he might not be the serial killer who has been making headlines for several days… Cross the borders of the strange with Junji Ito as your guide , in this first entirely new collection. Source : Mangetsu