Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The fire, which released black smoke visible several kilometers away, started in the afternoon in an outdoor area where Renaissance Florence was rebuilt and was being dismantled. “, Marlon Pellegrini, from the press office of Cinecittà, told AFP. “There was a lot of wind and it was very hot, around 40 degrees. The fire was put out very quickly. But it also developed in two minutes. We don’t know how,” he explained. Natalia Barbosa, production coordinator for the film “Devon House”, which is being filmed at Cinecittà. Cinecittà” data-title=”Cinecittà – “We lost two days of filming”: fire breaks out in legendary Cinecittà studios in Rome – SAPO Mag”> Cinecittà
“Some workers, who were preparing the set for us, were scared. Fortunately, the wind was going in the other direction. We lost two days of filming. That’s very expensive,” he explained. “The producer decided to withdraw the crew. The day after tomorrow we would have to film in that space”, he added. In 2007, a great fire destroyed a warehouse that housed some sets of the Anglo-American blockbuster “Roma”, about the birth of the Roman Empire. The Roman studios will be eternally associated with the era of gold of Italian cinema. Masterpieces were filmed in the so-called “city of cinema”, such as William Wyler’s “Ben Hur” (1959) and Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” (1960). negatively affected the studios. Under public control since 2017, Cinecittà has received funds with the aim of becoming “an important European cinematographic centre”, investing in series and films on television. of sets, the construction of an indoor swimming pool and a theater with a 360° green screen (or “chroma key”).