Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

July comes to an end but August welcomes us with open arms and a good dose of new series. Among this week’s recommendations we find two new series based on old stories such as stranger things with Papergirls or more directly Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin that happens to Little Liars as the new teen series for a new generation.

Fanatic – Netflix

Have you ever wondered if it’s the fans that make the artist or do you have fans by being an artist? This Spanish Netflix series explores the darkest corners of the music industry through the history of Lazarus, a boy obsessed with a musical star who when he sees him die also contemplates a unique opportunity before his eyes: to replace him and occupy his identity to become a star himself. But he will soon realize that not everything is as simple and rosy as he had imagined…

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – HBO Max

Fans of the cult teen series Pretty Little Liars are in luck, because a terrifying new generation of Pretty Little Liars is now coming to hbo max. From Rosewood we passed to Millwood, and from Aria, Spencer, Hanna. Emily and Alison now we will have Tabby, Minnie, Imogen, Karen, Sidney and Noa. All of them will have to face a new threat when a stranger begins to send them messages saying that he knows all their secrets.

Paper Girls – Amazon Prime Video

It’s the 80s. It’s Halloween. There is a group of teenagers. But don’t get confused, this is not Stranger Things nor does it look like it. Are you one of those who think that the Netflix series only covers the most endearing aspects of the decade in question, with its games of Dungeons & Dragons, its fluorescent colors and its PG-13 movie releases? Then you’re in luck, because Papergirls presents a vision of the 80s that is far from being nostalgic or complacent.

Primal (Season 2) – HBO Max

A couple of years ago a small animated series for adults slipped into all the lists as one of the most acclaimed works of the year. And that was about something as fanciful as a human and a dinosaur on the verge of extinction that joined forces to survive in their hostile environment. The answer to why that series was working had a name and surname: Gendy Tartakovsky. And it is that the author of the miniseries of the clone wars star wars u Hotel Transylvania he conquered everyone with his gritty and violent animation style. Hence, the trailer for the new season hardly reveals anything: it is not necessary, a picture is worth a thousand words and Tartakovsky’s animation could keep us an entire summer without blinking.

High School Musical: The Series – Season 3 (Disney+)

Disney+’s meta series about a group of boys obsessed with High School Musical has reached its third season ready to emulate the movies. It’s been a while since we met Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) Y Ricky (Joshua Bassett) and their paths have now parted, but a new breed of wildcats is about to arrive. And he will not do it in the mythical East High School, but in a summer camp, also imitating the scenario in which it took place. High School Musical 2. It seems that there will be no baseball game but there will be a special appearance by someone who knows a lot about singing, dancing and playing sports: Corbin Bleu, the mythical Chad from the movies who will help the newcomers prepare a musical about…Frozen.Do you want to receive the best movie and series recommendations in your email every Friday? Sign up for our Newsletter.