Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. Got a techie this Christmas to please or want to give someone more tech? There is no shortage of options. At a time when we know that a well-chosen gadget can be the escape from reality or improve the day-to-day in front of computers, we leave a photo gallery with ten news — all suggestions you can buy in Portugal.The consoles are not just for kids. Woman, man, young or old, nowadays there are video games for all tastes, shapes and personalities. Want to play on the couch and quickly take the game with you? Then the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which features an improved screen and was released just a few months ago, could be an ideal gift. “Super Mario”, “The Legend of Zelda” or “Super Smash Bros.” will be enough to keep you entertained.

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Do you prefer a more powerful console that showcases the best that the latest generation of games has to offer? If yes was the answer, we also suggest the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S. However, as has happened all over the world, it is difficult to find them in stock in stores, so it may be worth waiting until next Christmas.

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PUB • CONTINUE READING NEXT Four years ago they were still new, now they’re everywhere. Wireless headphones are here to stay and almost every month there are brands releasing new versions. If you are still dependent on traditional cables but want to use this technology, the LG Earbuds Tone FP9, launched this year, may be a good option. the box to a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, make these headphones competitive (it’s a rare feature). In addition, in times of a pandemic, they also have ultraviolet disinfection so you can listen to what you want more relaxed. Do you prefer the best on the market? Then the answer is not difficult. Even with many models wanting to innovate, Apple’s Airpods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4 – both with unparalleled noise cancellation – remain the safest options to please the techie music lovers you have in your life.

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What do you need this Christmas is a new cell phone? From Apple to Xiaomi, there is everything. However, we are going to suggest the top of the range on the market: the iPhone 13 (normal and Pro version) and the Samsung Z Fold3. They are expensive, but they show the best that the market currently has to offer.

The Fastest, Most Efficient – ​​and Most Expensive – iPhone Ever

The iPhone 13 improved on everything that Apple had already offered in 2020 with the iPhone 12. In short, this means that it kept 5G networks and increased speed and battery. The Z Fold3 did the same in a new category of smartphones: the foldable ones. With two screens — one outside and one inside that literally unfolds — it’s one of the most appealing phones on the market that can even replace a tablet. And yes, it is also prepared for the future of 5G that is about to arrive in Portugal after several years.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review in 3 gifs. A mobile phone for those who want a foldable screen (and have the money for it)

Little by little, Portugal is surrendering to the smart speaker market. What are? In practice, they transport digital assistants like Siri or Alexa to traditional speakers. For now, no one speaks Portuguese. However, even if you speak fluent English, French, German or Spanish, you can ask these devices to play a song you like, to wake you up or remind you of something. And in that league, Google, with the Google Home Mini, and Amazon, with the fourth generation Echo (4th), continue to be leaders. This year we recommend the Amazon Echo (th) because it’s the first Christmas where you can officially buy one of these devices for Portugal through the Spanish store. Before, they already worked in the country, but now it’s official. The Google Home Mini, despite not being on sale online, is an increasingly common product on the shelves of technology stores in Portugal, so it will not be difficult to find one. The prices of the cheaper versions are similar and do pretty much the same thing. You have a choice, do you prefer to talk to Google or Amazon? The Hero4 models up to the Hero9 Black from GoPro are camcorders that allow you to go on adventures to the bottom of the sea or even to get a clearer image in video calls. The latest, the Hero9 Black, is considered one of the most competitive video capture devices on the market — although brands like DJI or Sony, among others, also have good options. It has 4K recording, a long-lasting battery and, experts say, is very resistant. Currently, Apple, with the Apple Watch Series 7, dominates the smartwatch market. However, two giants – Samsung and Google – want to dethrone the North American company. As? With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This is the first smart watch that uses the operating system, nicknamed Wear, made by Google and Samsung (the South Korean used Tyzen until now). This means that the Galaxy Watch 4 keeps the rotating cursor — the bezel — to control the device with the promise of staying updated in the near future. , with more or less battery life, everyone does the same: letting you know what’s happening on your cell phone without the hassle of taking it out of your pocket. Want to know how influencers look so good in videos? It takes a good dose of personality and, for those Instagram or TikTok lives, a selfie ring. This device is nothing more than a luminous halo placed behind a camera. However, it makes all the difference. Even for cameras with poor quality, the homogeneous light that these lamps emit makes any face more beautiful — just like on television. to recommend the ones from uBeesize, which are located a little above). The most well-known influencers say that a good dose of personality makes a difference, but let’s say that this gadget also helps a lot. Did you know that you can control your home’s light bulbs through an app? For this, you can buy smart sockets or, if you want a more closed system, your own light bulbs that you have to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. There are several companies with products like this. However, the one that has stood out the most in this market — and which has the simplest configurations and the possibility of connecting to more smart devices — is Philips, with Hue lamps. As with traditional lamps, there are sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. all tastes. Even if you don’t want to control everything through your smartphone, you can also buy accessories to control these lights with a command or even with your voice. To get started, you’ll always need to purchase a Hue Bridge (there are starter packs that have one included). Then it’s just a matter of coming up with ideas like those that appear on top of your head like a light bulb: there are countless options to customize your home’s lighting. Corded, cordless, ergonomic, lit, flat or bulkier. The computer mouse market has it all. In order to try to stand out, Microsoft this year launched the Ocean Plastic Mouse, a mouse that is made with plastic taken from the oceans. It won’t solve the problem, but the oceanic design combined with bluetooth technology – and with a battery of up to 12 months of autonomy – make this mouse a good gift for those who are thinking about changing or are tired of trackpads. This for less than 30 euros.

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The same characteristics we used to describe mice apply to keyboards. There is simply something for all tastes and it is difficult to choose just one. Note that, for the simple fact that we are conditioned by the Portuguese QWERTY keyboard, there are many models that we cannot even consider. Even so, Logitech continues to be one of the references in this area and the MX Keys, which is for sale in the country, adapts to most fingers that can find these opportunities.