Mon. Jul 4th, 2022


In 2010, the Ni Neu restaurant was born in the Kursaal Conference Center in San Sebastián, an establishment managed by Ixo Grupo, whose company was founded by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and Bixente Arrieta in 2009. Currently, this business group specialized in restoration is made up of by the Mugaritz restaurants (Errenteria, Gipuzkoa), Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao and Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao (Bilbao), Bodegón Alejandro and TOPA Sukaldería (San Sebastián). The fact is that there are news regarding the Kursaal Palace restaurant, and that is that after twelve years of operation, the Ni Neu restaurant closes its doors , but a new project is opened.

And so they have officially announced: ' Andoni Luis Aduriz will open a new restaurant at the Kursaal Conference Center '. That said, you should know that the Ni Neu restaurant, which was created with the aim of offering a place where you can enjoy avant-garde cuisine in a fresh and accessible format, will give its last service on February 6, 2022, and from there it will be transformed into a new restaurant that Ixo Grupo is developing, in which they have already anticipated that fire will be the central element.

IXO Grupo

Embers, barbecues, firewood… for some time now, the offer of restaurants that use this ancestral cooking technique as the main one has increased considerably, which is why people are talking about it being the current trend, which is why we imagine that the new Andoni restaurant Luis Aduriz and his partner will go that way. Let us remember that the chef Dani García opened the Leña restaurant in Madrid less than a year ago and that the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2022 awarded him two Michelin stars at once.

The Murgaritz chef explained that he has always been attracted to the link that fire has had with the different cultures of the world , and adds: 'how we have related to it gastronomically, from our ancestors to the present'. And, at the moment, little else is known about this new project, only that the works on the premises will begin this month, but the completion date is not known, they have not disclosed when they plan to open the new restaurant, not even the name it will have.

On these lines you can see what the farewell video of the Ni Neu restaurant represents , so we hope that they will soon present the new video with the new proposal of the restaurant that occupies a privileged space in the Kursaal Palace, it will surely be a new scene of great events and gastronomic culture for enjoyment.

Photo | Mugaritz