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One of the games that is still remembered in a very good way is Resident Evil 4 , which was originally released for the GameCube and has had different improved versions over the years. One of them, in the form of a mod, was made entirely by a fan and you can now download it for free on your PC.

Will you try this new version of the game? Will you try this new version of the game?

As you surely remember, Capcom released Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition in 2014, the official remaster for PC. However, fans complained at the time that the company had only implemented some changes to the textures and modeling of environments and characters.

Due to this, the fanmade Resident Evil 4 HD Project has arrived to please the most demanding fans who wanted a graphic leap and better lighting in Leon S. Kennedy's adventure through Spain.

Here you can see its trailer:

It is worth mentioning that this work took its managers 8 years to complete and, after all the effort, it is now available for you to download to your PC completely free of charge. The only requirements to obtain it is that you have the original game in your Steam library and follow the steps indicated on the download site for a correct installation.

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Apart from that small point, there is no doubt that this project is a good option for all fans of the Capcom saga to enjoy this game as they always wanted.

What do you think of this version of Resident Evil 4 ? Tell us in the comments.

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