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If you are in love with the glamor of fancy colored diamonds, you are at the right place. Colored diamonds are super gorgeous and can make anyone fall into love with them. If you are looking to invest in colored diamonds, it is a great decision. They are perfect for making wonderful lab-created diamond engagement rings of your own choice. If you want to know a little more about these breathtaking colored diamonds before you make the big purchase, stick with us as we will be talking about the top 5 things you must know before investing in colored diamonds.

1.    You Might Get Confused with the Options

Lab created diamonds is found in every color of the rainbow. You name it, you will have it, right from red to blue, green, purple, pink, to black and brown as well So make sure you have a color in mind, or else you’re in for a lot of confusion as every hue looks alluring.

2.    Colored Diamonds are Absolutely Real

Some people are in the delusion that colored diamonds cannot be real. Well, they for sure are real diamonds! Fancy colored diamonds can be obtained from the earth and also be produced in a lab. They gain their specific colors due to certain conditions in the earth’s crust. While creating a colored diamond in a lab, scientists create conditions that mimic the unique environments that are required.

3.    These Diamonds are Comparatively on the Pricier Side

As these diamonds are absolutely rare and stunning, they are a little on the higher price level. Here, the rarity of the diamond plays an important role. Champagne, gray, chameleon, and black diamonds are comparatively less expensive.

4.    You Can Find Rare Colored Diamonds

The rarest colored diamond of all is the stunning red. The rarity and how-in-demand the color is are the two factors that decide the rarity of a diamond. Astonishingly, there are only about a handful of red diamonds that are found. They make a stunning engagement ring. This is your cue to get a red lab-created diamond ring for your partner!

5.    Invest Only in Certified Fancy Colored Diamonds

As this is a huge purchase, make sure you are doing your research thoroughly. To suggest a name, New World Diamonds is a trusted place. They have legitimate and certified lab-created diamonds that will meet your needs. A diamond ring- lab-grown with a colored diamond of your choice will look absolutely stunning.

These are things that you need to know before buying a colored diamond. After all, research and knowing all the vital information is necessary. Shop color diamonds today because you deserve them!

Now, let us take a look at how these diamond sellers grow their diamonds.

Unlike Earth Diamonds that scar mother earth due to mining, lab-created diamonds are called ‘Ethical’ diamonds being eco-friendly. Grown inside a lab, these diamonds do not disturb the ecological makeup of our planet and are as real as natural blood diamonds. Moreover, they cost 40% less than natural diamonds.

A lab-grown diamond is created inside a laboratory using extensive heat and pressure. By mimicking the external conditions of naturally grown diamonds inside a lab, these lab-created diamond brands produce fine sterling diamonds. Carbon is put through extreme temperature and pressure in a controlled environment and the ultimate result is a diamond.

Lab-created diamonds involve an easy and efficient approach towards making. The process followed to produce a diamond in the lab involves two methods – High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT)

In a high-pressure high-temperature method, a diamond seed is placed into a carbon. Using a belt, cubic or a split-sphere press, the carbon is pressurized intensely up to 1.5. Million pounds per square inch. Moreover, the carbon undergoes a temperature of over 2700 Fahrenheit. When exposed to a very high degree of pressure and temperature, the carbon attains the form of diamond around the diamond seed. It is then cooled and designed appropriately.

      Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Like the high-pressure high-temperature method, the CVD method involves the use of a diamond seed. The seed is kept in a sealed chamber which is heated to 1700 Fahrenheit. Carbon-rich gases like methane and hydrogen are released inside the chamber. These carbon-rich gases are ionized into plasma using special technology to break down the molecular bond of gases. Once broken; pure carbons start sticking around the diamond seed until a new diamond is formed. After diamond formation, additional treatments like cooling, cutting or polishing are done to enhance and beautify it.

A socially responsible approach that poses zero environmental impact and produces a diamond as bright and radiant as natural diamonds, involves lesser expense and is thereby sold at budget-friendly prices.

New World Diamonds with their revolutionary approach has been able to serve jewelry lovers with fine lab diamonds with a variety of lab-grown diamond rings and other accessories that include a pink diamond engagement ring and more. Make sure to check out their brilliant collection of lab grown diamonds and jewelry.

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