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Boarding school Juliet, a very popular comedy and romantic anime television series. The series is based on a manga series that contains the same name. Anime is a Japanese series that brings fresh air for every genre and ensures happiness over everyone’s face. If you love romantic animes, then boarding school Juliet is a perfect series for you. The first season of this series aired on 6 October 2018, and it acquired great fame far and wide. Since then, fans are eagerly waiting for boarding school Juliet season 2. So, if you are the one who is eager to know about all updates of season 2, read on to find more.

About boarding school Juliet

Boarding school Juliet also known as Kishuku Gakko no Jurietto in Japanese form is a popular romantic anime series. This anime series is based on a manga series with the same name that is illustrated by Yosuke Kaneda. The manga grabbed lots of attention during its launch, and due to this, a novel came into action that releases in 2017. This novel earned very much acquaintance and on this novel anime production began. Then an anime series airs in the year 2018 that gains loads of love from the audience and the anime is simply attractive.

Since then, fans are looking for boarding school Juliet season 2 of this anime series. Till now, there is no news regarding the release of season 2 and it has already been 3 years. Fans are getting many questions in mind – when will season 2 come? Do the makers have any plans to release a second season? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Release date of boarding school Juliet season 2

Till now, no official announcement is made regarding season 2 and the studio also has not revealed any plans. The first season was well received by the audience, but it didn’t come out to be the perfect moneymaker as the showrunners wanted it to be. As the show offers low sales, it is unlikely that publishers will invest in this anime. There is enough material for season 2, but it is up to the publisher whether they want to release a second season or not.

If publishers decided to make boarding school Juliet season 2, then it would take 12 months in the production of the season. And if the confirmation of a second season is announced today, then it would release in mid-2022.

The cast of boarding school Juliet season 2

As the release date of season 2 is not yet confirmed, the cast is not yet confirmed. But, you will most probably see characters from season 1. The characters include:-

  • Romio Inuzuka played by Yuki Ono.
  • Juliet Persia played by Kai Kayano.
  • Hasuki Komai played by Ayane Sakura.
  • Shogo Yano played by Hiroshi Kamya.
  • Kento Tosa played by Yohimasa Hosoya.
  • Tomokazu Sagita takes over the role of Chizuru Maru.

You can witness some new characters as well if season 2 comes out.

The plot of boarding school Juliet season 2

This series is based on a love story and is set up at an honored boarding school named Dahlia Academy. Two students of rival nations – black doggies of Eastern Nation of Touwa and white cats of Principality of West, attend the school. This show depicts the love between these two students – Juliet Persia and Romio Inuzuka. Romio is head of 1st-year students of Touwa and Juliet is head of 1st-year students of Principality.

On one hand, they both pretend to be enemies, while, on the other hand, they both fall in love with each other. However, they are afraid to share their feelings for one another in public for the fear of losing their respective nation’s dignity. In boarding school Juliet season 2 fans will view their relationship – how will it continue? Fans will also be able to view fun in both the characters’ lives. Moreover, the plot is not yet revealed by the makers of the show. Till then, watch the boarding school Juliet season 1 if you have missed any of the episodes.

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