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All students need to write essays when studying at college or high school. They can pick topics for their academic papers by themselves in most cases. However, recent stats say that many undergraduates more often decide on completing dissimilarity in the workplace essays. It’s a new problem that a lot of learners are concerned about. They want to dive deep and explore the topic to share their outcomes. We’ll elaborate on the trend in the post and share the key factors that force students to pick this topic for their essays.

Importance of Diversity for Society

These days, the problem of dissimilarity in the workplace is popular in society. According to various studies, minorities are rarely presented in c-level executive positions. A lot of people get concerned about the inequality in executive positions. Therefore, many students tend to explore this problem because it wasn’t studied deeply before.


To satisfy the desire of society to explore the problem in more detail, learners pick the topic for their papers more frequently. However, there is another reason related to the trend. Since the topic has become popular, it’s not a problem for learners to find a good diversity essay sample online. Consequently, learners can easily find a good example to follow that implies recent data. Moreover, it makes the assignment writing process simple. Nevertheless, there are also many interesting problems and solutions that diversity in the workspace brings.

Larger Talent Pool

Many undergraduates pick the topic to take a deeper dive and explore the benefits that firms can get if they focus on dissimilarity in the workspace. A larger talent pool is one of them. In a nutshell, when enterprises get open to hiring people from all around the world, regardless of their location, they get access to a larger pool of talents. By hiring people from other countries, they can find skilled professionals who can bring innovative ideas and help a company grow fast. It creates competition that increases the quality of the workforce people can get. Indeed, not all companies can afford to hire employees remotely. Firms that need employees to work on physical premises can also find a lot of skilled workers if they don’t disregard the dissimilarity in the workplace.

Conflict Reduction and Resolution

The diversity in the workspace causes a lot of conflicts, which are interesting to explore for students. Therefore, they frequently choose the topic for their essays. Since many people want to get the best jobs, competition forces them to have conflicts. However, in most cases, disputes are forced by unequal access to the opportunities to get well-paying jobs. Minorities have lower chances to get the jobs of their dreams. They need to tackle more challenges to get hired. However, when employees promote diversity in a workspace, they reduce conflicts. 


The ways conflicts may be resolved by offering equal access to opportunities to get a well-paying job is an interesting topic to research for undergraduates. There are a lot of aspects that need to be reviewed. For instance, dissimilarity can help eliminate conflicts in the diverse backgrounds of workers. When many employees have various origins, they offer distinctive points of view on particular issues. It helps other people explore problems from unlike perspectives, resulting in fewer conflicts.

Equal Access to Job Market

Unequal access to the job market is a new problem. This issue has its roots deep in history. It is a significant problem for every society and needs to be resolved. To compose papers of outstanding quality, learners frequently choose this topic. They research to explore the problem in a nutshell. Since the problem isn’t new, there are a lot of researches and studies that help learners gather a lot of insights and helpful information fast. Constantly, they can get their papers completed faster.

Increased Growth Opportunities for Companies

Diversity in the workspace can bring many benefits for employers in the long run. Indeed, companies that employ people from various countries have better access to talents. However, it also results in many benefits that enterprises can get in the long run. 


The topic is not studied well, allowing students to compose interesting papers to get top grades. For example, workers who have different backgrounds can share many unique ideas to contribute to their growth thanks to their origin. Also, they can help a firm to expand in other markets. It’s vital to consider cultural peculiarities when presenting a product on a new market. Employers with different backgrounds can help adjust business models and help launch successful products in new markets. 


There are many reasons why a lot of students decide to pick the dissimilarity in the workplace essay topic. Nevertheless, the main ones are the importance of the topic for society and its many benefits. Besides, there are a lot of benefits that dissimilarity in the workspace brings to employers that students cover in their essays.


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