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Emma Watson and her friends – that’s a topic in itself! Only recently the rumour went around that because of the great love the “Harry Potter” star would give up acting! Luckily it hasn’t got that far yet, but even without such rumours, many (sometimes envious) pairs of eyes look at the actress and the man she is currently dating! And while we’re at it: He’s actually Emma Watson’s boyfriend right now? We took a look at the superstar’s dating history, cleared up false rumours and told you who Watson is currently dating.

Who Watson is supposed to have been with

Of course, someone of Watson calibre is surrounded by rumours about themselves. All she has to do is give someone a nice smile and everyone will think she has a romantic relationship with the guy! This is what happened at Cole Cook, with whom Watson is said to have had a relationship in 2019. Incidentally, also with Prince Harry! You know, the Royal, who has actually been with Meghan since 2016. The dating rumours about “Harry Potter” star and fellow actors Tom Felton and Watson have been around for all time(and we personally believe in them forever and at some point, it will happen), but again there is no official statement or Evidence photo. The two are apparently just really good friends, which we are also very happy about.

Emma Watson’s Relationships (2015-2018)

It could have been so romantic! While filming “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” she met fellow actors Roberto Aguire. It is known that the two were together, but not when they separated again.

William “Mack” Knight is next on the list! Watson dated the Silicon Valley manager for 2 years from 2015. Watson refused to talk about her then partner in interviews. In an interview with Vanity Fair at the time, she said: “I noticed that when you work for Hollywood, the person you are dating is quickly drawn into the promotion of your film. It becomes part of the performance and the whole circus.“ She didn’t want to put this pressure on her partner!

Watson was then with Chord Overstreet for six months. The former “Glee” star and Watson met in 2018 and became a couple. They were likely dating back in February of that year but didn’t make their relationship public until a month later when photos of the two emerged together.

Brendon Wallace and Watson were spotted smooching while on vacation in Mexico in October 2018! Again, it is unclear when the couple separated again, but Wallace was seen in April 2019 with another woman, actress Alexandra Daddario. Later, in an interview with British Vogue, Watson would say, “It took a long time, but now I’m very happy [to be single]. I call it ‘being with myself.”

Emma Watson’s Current Boyfriend

For a long time, Watson didn’t just stay with himself, because Leo Robinton joined them in October 2019! The two keep their relationship – like so many of Watson’s previous relationships – fairly covered. Robinson is a Los Angeles businessman who unceremoniously deleted all of his social media profiles when the first photos appeared with him and his new girlfriend. Let’s call that rigorous! Pretty soon afterwards there were the first rumours about weddings and Co. but so far there is nothing official about it – of course, you will find out from us immediately, should we hear anything about it!

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