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Michelle Morrone Talks To His Demons On Instagram

Only a few days ago, Michele Morrone was at the heart of a big controversy because of the author of 365 Dni. The latter made very shocking remarks against Italy which did not fail to anger the actor.

On social networks, Blanka Lipinska swung on the country of origin of Michele Morrone: “We are approaching the return to the country and I am really grateful for that because I hate Italy “.

She also added: “Unfortunately I hate Italy for absolutely everything. The wait is 4 times longer than it should be. Hotels are well below the standard they should have “.

The 365 Dni author (Michele Morrone) then explained: “It’s horrible. The only good thing in this country is the wine and my gorgeous actors and that’s all I’ve got. I hope I will never stay here again ”.

A message that also shocked many fans and Michele Morrone. The latter pushed a huge rant against Blanka Lipinska. It must be said that he is very attached to his country of origin.

The 365 Dni actor replied: “I dissociate myself from this message of course. I love my land and my people to death. I just wanted to say one thing: I do not represent what Blanka Lipinska said about Italy ”.


Michele Morrone concluded: “I love my country and my people, as I love the rest of the world. I don’t want to be associated with them **** that Blanka Lipinska said about my country. Thank you! I love you ! “.

One thing is certain, this story has been around the world. After this development, the young man wanted to present his “demon” to his fans. This Friday, July 16, Michele Morrone shared a new photo on his Instagram account.

The actor struck a pose sitting on a chair, in front of a plate of cheese. Wearing an unbuttoned blue shirt, he showcased his dream body on the social network. But that’s not all.

The actor is also displayed alongside his “demon”. Indeed, fans discovered another Michele Morrone who was chatting with himself. In the caption of his Instagram photo, he also made his fans laugh.

The musician then wrote: “Talk to me Devil .. tell me more…” to be translated as “Parle-Moi Diable… tell me more”. A sentence that did not fail to make its subscribers react on the social network.

With his shot, Michele Morrone has also collected more than 670,000 “likes” in just a few hours from his fans. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment him.

Several then confided that they would like to meet his demon. One thing is certain, the singer also caused a sensation!

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