Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Many “The Lord of the Rings” fans are hoping for the eagerly awaited Amazon series to start at Christmas 2022. Unfortunately, nothing will come of it.

When will Amazon’s ” The Lord of the Rings” series finally Release? Amazon took $250 million alone for the rights, season 1 devours another 465 million. And now all Middle-earth fans want to slowly see the finished product in the form of the premiere edition.

But while some were still hoping for a start at Christmas 2022, the fan site Fellowship of Fans, usually well-informed about all things “The Lord of the Rings”, put a little damper on hopes: Amazons will probably not be eagerly awaited until spring 2022 Show now appear.

Accordingly, the marketing campaign consisting of trailers and the like will begin in November 2022 and run until “early 2022”, as you can see in the tweets above. The series itself then naturally starts after the marketing and advertising measures have been completed.

Said documents and contracts also contain a deadline for the release: The last episode of season 1 MUST be released on Amazon Prime Video in the USA by autumn 2022 at the latest.

But that doesn’t mean that it will actually be that late in the year. We’re guessing that the series will start around April 2022, which means that Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series would then take up the release period known from “Game of Thrones”.

As soon as we will get any other information or updates on this, we will definitely let you know, till then, and stay with us.

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