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People know that cryptocurrency is highly volatile and speculative, and it is a risky venture to invest in these digital assets. But if you invest in crypto, you can earn a high return that you cannot achieve from any type of investment. So, proper knowledge, security measures of crypto exchange apps, and investing in a small fund can keep you safe from this volatility. 


According to the experts, you can invest around 5-10% of your total investment portfolio in cryptocurrency. You should not risk investing your total earnings in this volatile market. You need to open a crypto account for trading in crypto, and you must choose the best crypto exchange app to access your digital assets. You can download such apps or their wallet on your mobile and enter your private keys to access your cryptocurrency. You can also transfer your currency from your wallet to another user’s wallet, and you can share your QR code or public key with any user to receive cryptocurrency. Before you choose a crypto exchange app, you must consider the following factors:


  • Crypto trading is illegal in some parts of the world, and you can choose an exchange app that is legal in your state. In this case, you can search for such crypto exchange apps online and check their addresses. For example, if you are a citizen of the United States, you can visit, and similarly, you can find some specific domains working in your state. You can also use the official News Spy site in this regard because it is an online platform from where you can buy cryptocurrency without any hassle. 
  • If you do not have any idea about cryptocurrency, you should choose an exchange with an easy-to-use interface. Some exchanges have some complicated order books available, and you cannot understand their interfaces. Too much information will make things more difficult for you. Hence, you must explore a few options and then check whether they have necessary information which is easy to understand. You can choose an exchange app with a basic and advanced view option. You can start with their basic view mode and invest in cryptocurrency, and you can avoid any type of confusion during your payment. 
  • You need to check the liquidity rate of exchange before you choose. Some exchanges have many users holding a small number of assets, and some exchanges deal with a small number of users holding a large volume of cryptocurrencies. The value or price of the cryptocurrency can fluctuate on such exchanges where the liquidity rate is high, and you should avoid such risk of investing your funds through such exchanges. 
  • You can invest in different cryptocurrencies as per your choice, and you can use an exchange where more than one cryptocurrency is available. You can diversify your profile by adding different currencies to your wallet. 
  • Security is the primary factor that you need to consider while you choose an exchange for trading crypto because you need to store your coins in your wallet and hold your currencies for a longer period of time. Indeed, exchanges are not 100% secured because the crypto ecosystem does not have such transparency. But you need to check the security features of such exchanges before you choose, and you can check their reviews in this regard. 
  • You also need to choose an exchange where cold storage is available. You can access your wallet anytime by entering your private keys. It is hardware-based storage or wallet which hackers cannot access, and you can install it on your computer to access your digital assets. You can also choose a wallet app for your frequent transactions in crypto. These apps are freely available in your android play store and iOS.  
  • There are several offers running on crypto exchanges, some charge no fee, while others may charge some fee. Some exchanges offer free buying options where you do not need to pay any fee for buying cryptocurrencies. 


Concluding thoughts


These are the basic tips that will help in choosing the best platform. Since crypto investment is lucrative, one tends to skip some elemental information. To make your crypto trading journey hassle-free, have a closer look at the above discussion. 

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