Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Who can stop Lupin-mania? No one, not even the most clever of conjurers. Barely out, almost a month ago, the second season of “Lupin”, which focused on the clash between Assane Diop and Pellegrini, already has its sequel! And even if the latter does not yet have a release date, Omar Sy, the interpreter of the gentleman burglar, is already working on the tenets of his plot. Asked by the specialized site “Entertainment Weekly” on this third chapter, the actor remained elusive, while implying a scenario full of novelties: “We have a lot of ideas and things that we want to do and say, but we are still in the writing process, ”he explained.


But Omar Sy still confided that new characters will take part in his tricks and his run. “When you read the books, Lupin has a lot of accomplices. But [in the series] there is only Benjamin. Except Assane needs arms, so he’s going to have to hire. I think a casting with a lot of people would be more interesting. Because even if he is the mastermind, the brain, he cannot do everything on his own. It’s also one of his skills: being able to attract people and take them with him. And it’s really cool to play with that, ”the actor suggested. In his hypotheses, he does not rule out a collaboration between his character and Guedira, the policeman fan of Arsène Lupin: “In another life, they would have been friends, because they have Lupin in common. So why not? It’s possible. We do not know. ”

Since its appearance last January, the blue-white-red series has wreaked havoc on Netflix, far beyond French borders. Adapted from the work of Maurice Leblanc, “Lupin, in the shadow of Arsène” follows the avenging odyssey of Assane Diop who, to repair the injustice with which his family has been struck, walks in the footsteps of his hero of childhood. If, for the moment, the wait for the third part is too unbearable for you, discover our selection of programs in the same vein. Be careful, top hats and gadgets are a must …

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