Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Beyond talent, destinations often require a little push on the side of luck. Tom Ellis today is a world-renowned actor thanks to the role of the Devil in the series ” Lucifer “. This strip was one of those rare cases where the original product ran at half speed, but then Netflix rescued it and took it to stratospheric levels.

This crime comedy spicy and original overcame the initial setback with new seasons that extended their reach and popularity to the level international. As one of the most-watched series, it already has five seasons and the followers are waiting for the premiere of the sixth and last, which ended its filming a few weeks ago.

From that moment, the entire cast, now turned into celebrities with thousands of fans, shared in their networks their respective farewells to the show and their companions. And so the questions began to arise of how the career of the charismatic Tom, who has proven to be a multi-talented artist, will now continue.

Thus it was that, for example, there was speculation about the possibility that he may resume his passion for music and move away from acting and screens. Sure, because Tom Ellis also sings, plays the guitar and the French horn, as well as having been part of a band at other times in his life.

But apparently, the world of acting will continue in his orbit, according to what he declared in an interview with The Guardian. “The important thing for me is the theater. I got a place at the Royal Scottish Academy, went to Glasgow for three years, and had the best time of my life. I firmly believe that the theater will not die. He will return and I want to be part of him”.

Although there is the possibility of seeing him again in audiovisual production, we must also consider the chances that he will return to the tables and the number of viewers who can enjoy his work will be reduced and a good part of his followers will be left with the desire.

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