Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Season 4 of the anime titled Baki Son of Ogre revealed its premiere date on Netflix and announced it with a new official trailer.

If you thought the previous seasons after Yujiro Hanma’s son were insane, you haven’t seen anything yet, as the next chapter of Baki Son of Ogre has released a new trailer and poster that gives fans a glimpse into the events. futures that are almost impossible to believe.

With the next chapter in Baki’s story seeing him battle characters like a giant praying mantis and boxing legend Mike Tyson, it’s clear that Yujiro’s son will have quite a few monumental battles to look forward to in the anime as he approaches his goal of defeating. to your father.

With the previous seasons giving anime fans some of the most brutal fights in the medium, it is expected to see more insane when the next season 4 of the anime arrives. The Record of Ragnarok anime was the closest thing to a fight show, but fans are looking forward to Baki season 4 with excitement.

What was Baki season 3 about?

Season 3 of Baki: The Grappler, which premiered on Netflix, featured the hero of the crazy battle series teaming up with his father to defeat various fighters in a tournament that pitted fighters from Japan against their counterparts in China.

Upon the conclusion of this arc, Baki found himself vowing once again to defeat his father, the Ogre named Yujiro Hanma, and take on the role of the strongest man in the world.

When is Baki Son of Ogre coming out?

Season 4 Son of Ogre will premiere sometime in 2022. The anime has yet to confirm a specific premiere date but revealed that it will premiere on the Netflix platform.

Animation studio TMS Entertainment shared the new trailer for Baki Son of Ogre, which showed Yujiro’s offspring attempting to defeat their father while battling giant insects and returning prisoners in the popular anime series.

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