Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Singer Britney Spears shared a new photo on Instagram, which sparked suicide rumors. This situation has caused concern among his fans.

Britney Spears became a topic of conversation on social networks because of the last photo she shared on her Instagram profile, as some netizens believe that this is hiding a message, which could be related to suicide wishes.

The photograph in question shows a woman posing on her back in front of a bathtub, which is why she appears half-naked. This image did not go unnoticed, because in less than three hours it managed to exceed one million likes. It should be noted that some fans assure that the singer is not the one who appears in the image.

However, a detail that has caused concern among his followers is that this image recalls a scene from the music video ‘Every time, which was released in 2003. This clip shows the singer being a victim of fame and at the same time arguing with your partner. Faced with pressure, she ends up committing suicide in the tub.

It is precisely this part of the video that worries his fans, who relate it to the image he shared on his Instagram account. Let us remember that the singer is going through a difficult moment in her life when she fights against her father by legal means so that the guardianship that has been imposed on her since 2013 is withdrawn.

Fans fear for the life of Britney Spears.

Previously, the singer’s fans are concerned, because in some comments they fear that she will take her own life due to the fact that her father, Mr. Jamie Spears, continues to be her tutor, even though he has presented legal documents to the judge to end it.

“May God forgive me, but that is coming”, “This girl needs help and not that of her exploited father”, That is what they are bordering on, that the princess of pop kills herself “and” In the midst of her painful darkness, May God allows him to find the light ”are just some comments that are read on the Instagram accounts where the image was replicated.

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