Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Everything seems to indicate that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are having a fantastic vacation in Italy

No one would have imagined the romantic vacation between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, so now they have been surprised by showing off on the beaches of Italy in tiny clothes.

It seems that after they have been caught at events such as a wedding and TikTok speculated that Olivia is wearing a Harry necklace, this July they are spending a vacation together in Italy where they have been very romantic.

That is why some images have come to light through the networks that prove that the couple made up of the handsome Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde is living their best moment in a beautiful relationship.

How are the holidays between Harry Styles and his girlfriend?

It turns out that on June 30, Page Six reported that the couple were in Tuscany, in Porto Ecole, and reproduced photos in which they are seen happily walking through the streets.

It was also said that the beautiful Olivia Wilde in a green midi dress with white and tennis shoes and him in shorts, jacket and tennis also in white were captured in several romantic moments that they performed in the picturesque place.

It should be noted that the tabloid reported that the couple met in Europe because Harry is on a break from filming his film My Policeman in London and Olivia was also in that British city to see her children, who are spending time there with their dad, Jason Sudeikis.

As if that were not enough, days later, the fan pages captured them at outdoor tables and even at an Italian soccer match against Ukraine.

Much love on a yacht.

On June 5, the photos were already in full kisses on a yacht in Monte Argentario, where they are coordinated again: she with a navy blue bikini and he with a cap and sweater of the same color.

That is why through social networks there are still those who doubt that this is a “real” relationship and not just for publicity between the two celebrities.

It should be noted that everything seems to indicate that this will be a summer of many famous vacations since the vaccines against Covid-19 are more accessible and the measures against travel are becoming much more relaxed to go on a trip.

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