Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The interpreter of Lucifer on Netflix says goodbye to the character that led him to fame and rethinks his career between different passions.

The series ” Lucifer ” was one of the last furs that Netflix caused, especially since the pandemic began. This production was among the most-watched and the main character, played by Tom Ellis, had enormous growth in popularity.

The premiere of the new season was a clear example, remaining for weeks at the top of the viewing rankings in the world. And the news did not stop rolling since it was learned that the season that was in full swing would definitely be the last.

The actors said goodbye to their characters and their peers on the film set, and while the episodes are in post-production, fans are eagerly awaiting the final installment of this entertaining series.

As a result of all this situation, Tom Ellis became a much more famous name and face with millions of followers. This international fame caused certain aspects of his private life to be uncovered, such as his passion for music.

Although he has been seen singing and it was also learned that he was part of a band and knows how to play the guitar, there is another skill of this seductive artist. It turns out that the British also know how to sound a very demanding and particular instrument: the French horn. This was one of the old passions that he had to pause to devote himself fully to acting.

If you paid attention, even in one of the episodes of the series you could see him playing a happy melody on this wind instrument whose execution is not easy at all. Is it time for Ellis to take up that old hobby?

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By Farwa Raza

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