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In 2010, JD, Turk, said goodbye to the screens after nine seasons. But what are the chances of a sequel to Scrubs?

Many “ Scrubs ” fans agree: The series should have ended earlier – after season 8 when the medical clique around John “JD” Dorian ( Zach Braff ) was still in training instead of becoming teachers themselves. Others, on the other hand, never get enough of the amiable slob JD and his colleagues and have forgiven the series for the drastic change of course from season 9.

Despite the differences of the audience, nobody would be averse if the cast of “Scrubs – The Beginners” could be seen in a comeback more than ten years after the series ended. But how good are the chances of a sequel to “Scrubs” actually?

Will there be “Scrubs” season 10?

A continuation of everyday life in the Sacred Heart Hospital is rather unlikely according to the current status – but also not impossible. Although the series around JD, Turk ( Donald Faison ), and Elliot ( Sarah Chalke ) was officially discontinued in 2010, the main actor Zach Braff in particular regularly lets the rumor mill about a revival boil.

At a PR event for his movie “ Abgang mit Stil ”, for example, he answered a fan’s question whether he would ever shoot episodes for “Scrubs” again with enthusiastic words:

Above all, the mention of the streaming provider Netflix makes the audience sit up and take notice: The idea of producing a revival of the series as a revival in the style of the much-acclaimed “Gilmore Girls: Ein Neues Jahr ” (Original: “A Year in the Life”), is not that far from reality. For the series creators, the cast, and Netflix, the continuation of the series could lead to a lucrative win-win situation.

“Scrubs” sequel to the film.

Zach Braff also caused plenty of rumors with a Twitter post at Vulture Fest 2018. A picture with all of the “Scrubs” main characters are entitled “Season 10?” During the event, the hospital sitcom cast came together to answer questions.

While Zach Braff, according to his post, would not be averse to a new “Scrubs” chapter, series creator Bill Lawrence is not too enthusiastic about a tenth season. In 2018 he explained to the audience of the Vulture Fest why: It would feel like moneymaking to him.

The idea of ​​arranging a reunion with JD and Co. as a film had already appealed to Bill Lawrence:

“If we should ever do it (the“ Scrubs ”continuation, editor’s note), it will be as a small film or something like that. I think my problem is that I would like to see where everyone is. I would like to see where their marriages stand.”

So maybe we can hope for a “Scrubs – The Beginners” revival soon, reminiscent of “Friends: The Reunion”.

By Farwa Raza

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