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Sex/Life Season 2: Netflix Cancelled The Show?

Life with the husband, sex with the ex-boyfriend: this is how Billie spices up her now boring everyday life in her imagination – for the time being. We’ll tell you how it is with “Sex / Life” Season 2.

As a mother of two and the wife of a presentable man (Mike Vogel), Billie (Sarah Shahi) feels more limited by the day. Not only has she given up her beloved party life in New York, her sex life is now anything but exciting.

So she begins to amuse herself in her diary with the thought of her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos) – until he actually steps back into her life. Billie has to choose between truth and lies, security and adventure, monotony and lust.

Will there be “Sex / Life” season 2?

“Sex / Life” has been providing more than just a little bit of eroticism on Netflix since June 25, 2021. The sensual, intimate, and yet moving story of a mother who longs for more makes the longing for the series audience grow – after a second season.

No wonder, after all, series creators Stacy Rukeyser and Belle Nuru Dayne leave us with a sizzling season finale that primarily raises one question: Will Billie get what she wants?

Currently, Netflix has not yet confirmed a second season “Sex / Life”. Nevertheless, the chances of a continuation are very good. After all, the position in Netflix’s top 10 series charts testifies to the drama series’ large and enthusiastic audience. In addition, at the end of the eighth episode, the gigantic cliffhanger is screaming to be continued.

When is “Sex / Life” season 2 coming?

Filming for Season 1 started at the end of August 2020 and ended in early December of the same year. Six months later, “Sex / Life” premiered on Netflix. If the streaming service maintains this rhythm, we could perhaps expect the continuation as early as mid-2022 – provided the second season of “Sex / Life” gets the green light on Netflix.

“Sex / Life” Season 2 plot.

– Warning: spoilers for season 1 will follow –

Since season 2 of “Sex / Life” has not yet been officially confirmed by Netflix, one can only speculate about the plot of the sequel. However, it is very likely that a second season would start exactly where season 1 left us: with a sex-hungry Billie who has just entered Brad’s apartment.

Nevertheless, as a mother and wife, she has decided not to leave her husband Cooper. It is difficult to believe, however, that he will put up with his wife’s affair. And Brad, too, seems to want to be more than an occasional adventure.

We can assume an exciting showdown between Brad and Cooper in the potential second season “Sex / Life”, in which the reins will be torn from Billie – unless her husband also reaches for the love affair with Francesca (Li Jun Li) is beginning.

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