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The age of Martina Cariddi will impress you because at 20 years of age she is already positioned as a benchmark.

As we have previously informed you, one of the revelation Spanish actresses in recent days is Martina Cariddi, 20 years old, who appears in the new season of the Netflix series Elite.

And it is that the famous one has managed to win the admiration and respect of the fans after her character will attract attention for being one of the members of the first lesbian couple in the series.

The age of Martina Cariddi lets us see that you do not need to be very old to achieve great things, and we will tell you a little more about the life of the actress, in her short 20s.

Height and age of Martina Cariddi.

The actress of Spanish origin, and part of the Elite cast, was born on May 30, 2002, that is, she recently turned 20 years old, being considered, due to her age, her irreverence, and her talent, as one of the members of the new season of the Netflix series.

No exact information is known about her height, the truth is that on the screen we can see that she is a few centimeters shorter than Claudia Salas, who is 1.73 meters tall.

Martina Cariddi’s Instagram.

The official Instagram account of the Spanish actress is _martina Cariddi _, and there she has more than 1,500,000 followers, which increased in recent days after the premiere of the new season on Netflix.

And, although she has a male boyfriend, she has become a benchmark for the LGBT community because of her character in the series.

Why did Martina Cariddi’s armpit go viral?

The actress has caused controversy in recent days, after posting an image on the aforementioned social network showing her underarm hair.

The above caused a debate in networks, however, she claims to love herself as she is and to feel confident about her appearance.

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