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The need to constantly improve the efficiency of banks leads to a comprehensive automation of this area of ​​activity. The interest of institutions of the financial sector in the implementation of BI-solutions is growing every day. But so far, the main software and hardware complex that ensures the activities of any bank is the automated banking system (ABS). And the software must meet its requirements.

Professional banking software development company Fireart suggests paying attention to the fact that you can contact the specialists at any convenient time. You will receive not only a full consultation, but also the provision of services in the shortest possible time, taking into account loyal and reasonable prices for services. The main thing is that everything will be done taking into account the individual wishes of the client. It is worth remembering that software is a mandatory technology that must be implemented in absolutely any modern bank.  Let’s clarify what we mean by the term “modern bank”. This is a bank that can provide a wide range of services to its potential client, and, thanks to the use of modern technology, retain the client and satisfy his wishes and requirements. Such a bank should always be focused on improving the efficiency, efficiency, functioning and quality of the services it provides.

What are computer programs for banks

The software includes a set of programs for automating the operational, accounting and management activities of the bank. The functions of banking systems include:

  • settlement and cash services for legal entities;
  • maintenance of accounts of correspondent banks and deposits of individuals;
  • credit, deposit and currency transactions;
  • payments using bank cards;
  • client-bank system (customer service at home);
  • banking accounting.

As the analysis of banking systems shows, analytical, marketing and management functions are the least automated.

Top reasons for choosing new software

The main factor that explains the desire of banks to change the functioning ABS is its obsolescence.

The main objective reason for the modernization of information support is the quantitative and qualitative changes in the information environment. The former ones are associated with an increase in the volume of processed data and the number of users, the latter with an expansion of the range of tasks to be solved and a change in their nature.

The next reason is due to the need to improve the quality of the applied part of the ABS and its consumer properties. This includes the breadth of the functional range and the convenience of the interface.

Ensuring data security, primarily from unauthorized access, has become a significant problem recently. At the same time, an important task is to maintain the integrity of data, their consistency and consistency, archiving and recovery in case of failures.

Sharply on the agenda is the issue of ABS performance, which is the need to process large volumes of data in a fairly short time. The increasing load on the system requires a transition to a more powerful hardware platform.

And, finally, one of the main results of the bank’s software should be a qualitative increase in the level of its manageability. This will allow bank employees to quickly and competently perform all operations, including financial, banking, etc.


High-quality bank software, increasing the efficiency and operational efficiency of financial applications is an effective way to improve the quality of banking services provided in customer service.

There are many banking management software products. They include not only automated banking systems, but also CRM (customer relationship management), communication and analytical solutions, automation systems for consumer and other lending, credit marketing and customer service. Software products must clearly interact with each other, both during the working day and in the postoperative period. They must be guaranteed to be fast, which will allow processing information on banking transactions in real time, and, of course, reliable, which will ensure protection against failures in data processing.


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