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Instagram is the biggest social media platform, with millions of engaging audiences worldwide. If you think Instagram is only to upload good pictures and videos, you are mistaken. It is the most prominent social media marketing place that many businesses promote their brands and endorse for earning wealth. Sports News marketing is a huge industry worth $388.3 billion in 2020 that covers various news sections. As a sports lover, you can get quick information about your favorite matches, tournaments, and events on Instagram.

Some popular sports Instagrammers publish the part of news to keep you updated while you are browsing on Insta. They provide the best sports content on their social media page with hard work and dedication. And here, we have mentioned the top 10 sports Instagrammers around the world that are worth subscribing to in 2022. The list includes the popular Instagrammers with 90K subscribers to 30 million-plus subscribers.

10 Best Sports Instagrammers Worth Following

1) House of Highlights

It is the United States-based Instagram page of a very famous sports YouTube channel, ‘House of Highlights.’ Here, you can find everything related to sports and youth culture. House of Highlights Insta page is frequently updated with videos, reels, and memes on controversial events in the sports world. 

It contains about 33.2 million followers, whereas 24.1K posts have been published till now. In addition, they upload consistent stories every hour with the latest news updates, which makes it worth subscribing to. You can also find football highlights on Buaksib.


ESPN is the official Instagram page of one of the biggest sports news networks that contain 22.5 million followers worldwide. The father of all the ESPN Instagram pages is linked with this main page. It covers all the news related to sports, from serious stats images to funny memes. You can also find the videos and Instagram reels on exclusive events of sports and interviews with famous sports personalities. 

ESPN Insta page is updated with 15 to 20 posts every day with engaging content. With the huge amount of information, ESPN is worth subscribing to the Instagram page to stay updated about your favorite games being played internationally.

3) Bleacher Report

A US-based Bleacher Report Instagram page focuses on various sports events. It provides the fastest updates of the news every hour. You can scroll from serious to funny memes containing all types of posts and videos related to sports on the Bleacher Insta page. 

With 18.6 million followers Bleacher Report holds a huge fan base. It has 42.3k posts on the feed and uploads consistent stories every day. The Bleacher Report Insta page is worth following the latest updates on football, basketball, rugby, and wrestling. It is highly popular in Asia where they check for livescore every momrning. They call it ผลบอลสด (Livescore in Thai language). But you may need one of Thai VPNs that you can find here or here to access this page.

4) Sky Sports News

Sky Sports is the official Instagram page of the sports news website With 9.8 million followers, a popular Instagram page contains posts, videos, and reels of boxing, cricket, football, golf, and other sports. You can access the latest updates on upcoming sports events and untold stories of famous celebrities.

5) Goal

 ‘Goalglobal’ or Goal is a dedicated Instagram page for football lovers. IT is the official page of the famous sports new website The Goal sports Insta page has 6.4 million followers worldwide. It releases various videos and Instagram stories on events related to football. You can find the new stories of the latest news every hour on the Goal Insta page. They publish such info before making them live on their websites as promotional content.

6) SportsCenter ESPN (SC ESPN)

Here is another extended Instagram page of the ESPN sports network containing 2.4 million followers. Currently, Sports Center Insta profile has been published around 238k posts in their feed.

It covers all the sports-related news posts, videos, and reels. In one place, you can find the updates on the upcoming tournaments, news before the channel broadcast, and the exclusive videos of the sports celebrities. They consistently post an update every hour.

7) 90min

A football-related Instagram news page, 90min_football is the ideal page for the fans of football. It covers various posts regarding exclusive interviews of football personalities, videos on various events, and image posts on the latest news. It uploads a daily news feed every hour and provides the latest updates before the renowned sports news channel can publish. 

Additionally, stats of various sports players are published before the tournaments start. It contains 1.4 million followers, and about 12.7k posts have been posted till now.

8) Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson is a former professional rugby player from the UK, Britain. He was popularly known for the British reality show ‘Made In Chelsea’ broadcasted in the fourth episode of that season. Now he is actively engaged on Instagram, where he shares tips and tricks of various sports, including rugby, and shares knowledge on how to maintain fitness. 

Joshua has 397K followers and gets about 1k likes on each post. He uploads multiple posts within a day and has great popularity on social media. If you are a fitness fan, then Joshua Patterson sports Instagrammer is worth subscribing to.

9) Getty Sport

Getty sport is the sports photography page on Instagram, having 194K followers. It may not sound appealing, but the audience’s engagement is huge on the page. It contains stunning photographs of various sports events and players. Also, publish memorable videos and memes of sports occasions. 

The best part of its images and videos is that they aren’t edited but captured by the professionals. With this originality, it contains around 6,674 posts, including reels. If you are a photo lover and sports enthusiast, the page is made to get some inspiration.

10) Reuters Sports

Reuters Sports is a well-known Instagram page and the official page of the renowned sports news website where you can get updates mainly on football and basketball. 

Currently, the Reuters Sports Instagram page has 87K followers. The page is updated with major sports-related videos, posts, and reels with consistency.

The Bottom Line

Earlier, the authority was gained only by mainstream media to deliver news to the audience through newspapers or televisions. But now, after the existence of social media platforms, even individuals can start their own news portal. Many sports influencers started brand endorsement through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites. The main motive behind news marketing is to reach the audience on their screen as fast as possible. 

By looking at the trend and popularity, we have mentioned the ten best sports Instagrammers worth subscribing to. So, browse them one by one to gather the essential sports content in the form of images, videos, reels, and even memes.

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