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Yankees: Why Sabathia Has Already Punched His Ticket to the Hall of Fame

Yankees: Three Reasons Why Sabathia Will Be in the Hall of Fame

It has long debated whether New York Yankees southpaw CC would one day make it to the Hall of Fame. Here are 3 reasons why his legaccy will one day live on in Cooperstown.

In Wednesday’s outing against the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia essentially booked his trip to Cooperstown in 2024. By holding the Rays to 1 run in 6-innings, Sabathia earned his 250th career win, becoming the 48th pitcher in MLB history ever to accomplish the feat.

Last month, Sabathia became only the 17th member of the 3000 strikeout club. Pair that with the aforementioned accomplishment and Sabathia is only the 14th player ever to strike out at least 3000 batters and win 250 or more games.

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The only player in that list of 14 players not in the National Baseball Hall of Fame is Roger Clemens, and we know what baggage he’s carrying that’s holding him down.

What’s more, according to Katie Sharp of The Athletic, Sabathia is only the 4th pitcher in MLB history ever to strike out at least 3000 batters, win 250 or more games, win a Cy Young Award, and earn an LCS/WS MVP award.

In his final big league season, Sabathia (4-4, 4.14 ERA, 1.37) has pitched relatively well for the Yankees. With more than half of a season yet to be played, Sabathia looks to continue climbing in the strikeout and wins lists.

In fact, with just one more win, CC Sabathia can surpass Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson. With six more wins, he can tie his mentor and former Yankees teammate Andy Pettitte. 41 more strikeouts ties him with another Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz, and 74 more surpasses Curt Schilling and ties the aforementioned Gibson.

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No matter the outcome of the season, whether he strikes out another batter or wins another game, Sabathia’s legaCCy will remain safe in the halls of Cooperstown, where his plaque will hang amongst the greatest players of all time.

Having grown up in Washington Heights, a small Dominican neighborhood just one mile away from Yankee Stadium, Manny is a life-long Yankees fan. He began pursuing his passion for writing about baseball in March 2018 when he co-founded a small baseball media company called Welcome to THE SHOW. Manny is also a contributor at Call to the Pen. Follow Manny on twitter @MannyGo3.

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