WTTS Top 10 Power Rankings: May 2018

For those of you joining us for the first time, we have somewhat of an odd way of calculating our rankings. First, we put each team in order of 1-10 based on Win Percentage (WPCT) and then again for Run Differential (Rdiff). After that, we assign a score to each team based on their ranking for both categories. The number 1 team gets 10 points, number 2 gets 9, number 3 gets 8, and so on.

I hope you’re still with me.

Then, we add up each teams score for WPCT and Rdiff and line them up in order from greatest to least, the team with the greatest score ranks first. Teams that are tied are decided by the Pythagorean Win-Loss (pythWL) record.

Here’s an example of how it all works works:

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.02.24 PM.png

As you see in the far right side of the table, the Yankees and Astros were tied with a total score of 18 and the Mariners and Phillies were tied at 6 points. The Astros were ranked ahead of the Yankees (below) because their pythWL record is better. The same goes for the Mariners and Phillies.

Now on to the fun stuff:

At this point in the season it’s clear that baseball’s top three teams, the Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox are the teams to beat in the MLB. Four teams, the Braves, Brewers, Phillies, and the Mariners are new to the WTTS Top Ten Power Rankings this month. They take the place of the Diamondbacks, Angels, Dodgers, and the Mets.

Here are the rankings for the month of May:


1. Houston Astros

Record: 37 – 22 | April Ranking: 1

yanks.png2. New York Yankees

Record: 36 – 17 | April Ranking: 7


3. Boston Red Sox

Record: 39 -19 | April Ranking: 2


4. Chicago Cubs

Record: 31 – 23 | April Ranking: 3

ATL.png5. Atlanta Braves

Record: 34 – 23 | April Ranking: Not Ranked


6. Milwaukee Brewers

Record: 36 – 22 | April Ranking: Not Ranked


  7. Washington Nationals

Record: 32 – 24 | April Ranking: 6


8. Philadelphia Phillies

Record: 31 – 24 | April Ranking: Not Ranked


9. Seattle Mariners

Record: 35 – 22 | April Ranking: Not Ranked


10. Cleveland Indians

Record: 30 – 26 | April Ranking: 9

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